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Facebook Launches Climate Change Centre In Attempt To Combat Misinformation

3 Mins Read Facebook has introduced a new “Climate Change Information Center” to connect users to science-backed facts on the climate crisis. It comes as a part of the social media giant’s renewed sustainability efforts, which include slashing its carbon emissions to zero by the end of this year. In recent months, Facebook has come under widespread criticism […]

Is Your Favorite News Source Shilling for Big Oil?

9 Mins Read By: Amy Westervelt Some media companies are creating, not just running, misleading climate ads. Chevron has been all over social media recently with an advertising campaign that asks consumers to test how much they know about “clean energy.” Viewers are beckoned to an interactive quiz that turns out not to be interactive at all, simply a vehicle […]

Climate Denial Exists Because Humans Are Hard-Wired To Reject Facts They Don’t Like

3 Mins Read In a recent article published in The Conversation by Adrian Bardon, a professor of philosophy at Wake Forest University, the reason behind continued denial about globally scientifically-backed phenomena such as the climate crisis is because of motivated reasoning. Motivated reasoning, according to social scientists, refers to the process of deciding what evidence to accept based […]

4 Fake Facts That Climate Deniers Still Believe & How To Debunk Them

5 Mins Read Thanks to huge funding from the fossil fuel industry, anti-climate political lobbyists and irresponsible celebs, we live in an age where a section of the population is still in denial about our climate crisis. Although much of the public have become more aware about the depth of our planetary emergency, with growing student climate strikes, […]