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TEDxTinHau Countdown To Present Climate Solution Ideas To Hong Kong

3 Mins Read TEDxTinHau, the only TEDx event dedicated to women in Hong Kong, is presenting Countdown, a global campaign aimed at accelerating climate solutions, to the city this October. The event will see a number of speakers share their unique perspectives and ideas on how to help create a safer, cleaner and more ethical future for Hong […]

INTERVIEW: Former HK Observatory Director Chiu-ying Lam “Climate Change Is Real Beyond Any Doubt”

5 Mins Read Former director of the Hong Kong Observatory Chiu-ying Lam is an expert conservationist and meteorologist, and we recently had the opportunity to interview him on Hong Kong’s environmental issues. Since retiring from the chief position at the HKO, Mr. Lam has been championing environmental conservation and education in the city. Below is our interview, where […]

Scientists At HKU Invent Way To Convert Heat Waste Into Usable Electricity

3 Mins Read Engineers from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) have just invented and patented a Direct Thermal Charging Cell (DTCC), a recapture device that can convert low-grade heat waste into usable electricity. Low-grade heat is produced everywhere, from lights, air conditioners and ovens in our homes to computers in offices. This technology taps into the massive […]

Hong Kong Tops List of Worst Emissions Polluters Due To Excessive Meat & Dairy Consumption

3 Mins Read The University of Hong Kong‘s Department of Earth Science released a study last year revealing the significant greenhouse gas contributions that Hong Kong generates, predominantly fuelled by the city’s excessive appetite for meat. Results from the study indicate that if citizens cut back on meat and dairy intake in accordance with recommended nutritional guidelines, the […]

The Truth Behind Hong Kong’s Financial District & Climate Injustice

3 Mins Read New research by the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA) has explored the mostly hidden links between Hong Kong’s financial district and global environmental damage. Finding a connection between the physical financial spaces in the city and climate change events, the research group aims to present their findings in a virtual web documentary called Market Landscape. […]

What You Missed At Green Queen’s UN SDG #PlantBased Dinner Series Vol. 1

6 Mins Read “None of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs – the internationally agreed framework for tackling poverty, inequality, disease and climate change – can be achieved without the contribution of higher education through research, teaching and community engagement.” Source: University World News Vol.1 of our Green Queen UN SDG #PlantBased Dinner Series was a […]