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Ynvisible Collaborates With Innoscentia For New Food Waste Label Innovation

3 Mins Read Sensor technology firm, Innoscentia, recently collaborated with Ynvisible Interactive to enable real-time quality monitoring of food by providing a dynamic expiry date label for food packaging thus reducing the overall food waste. The Swedish sensor tech firm, Innoscentia has created materials using Ynvisible’s display technology that help provide a dynamic expiry date label for food […]

#Bye2019 – What We Learned This Year About Digital Climate Solutions

2 Mins Read This year, a whole range of companies geared up to use technology for good to develop digital solutions to some of the most pressing global issues facing our world today. In case you missed some of these, here is a roundup of all the AI-powered, tech-forward innovations we learned about this year. 1. Website Carbon […]