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Foodsteps Nets $4.1 Million For Environmental Footprint-Labelling Platform

4 Mins Read U.K.-founded sustainability enterprise Foodsteps has closed a successful seed funding round, bringing in $4.1 million. The round was led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from Metaplanet, Ascension and the Conduit EIS Impact Fund. The cash injection will be used to finance an immediate hiring drive as the company seeks to double its team within the […]

MeaTech Joins the UN’s Global Compact Initiative on Sustainability

2 Mins Read Israel-based cultivated meat company MeaTech has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative in a move to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. One of the companies at the forefront of bringing cultivated meat to market, MeaTech is now also putting itself at the frontlines of the climate fight by joining the UN’s Global Compact—the […]

HSBC Responsible Investing Head Stuart Kirk Compares Climate Change to Y2K

4 Mins Read Stuart Kirk, HSBC Asset Management’s (HSBC AM) global head of responsible investing has raised eyebrows following a speech at a Financial Times event. At the Moral Money gathering, hosted on May 19, he compared the climate crisis to the Y2K bug before stating that investors don’t need to worry about climate change. Kirk doubled down […]

Your Cat Is Fighting Climate Change: Kitty Litter Traps Methane Gas, Study Finds

3 Mins Read It’s news that’s sure to put a smile on the faces of cat lovers everywhere: MIT researchers say cat litter could help fight climate change. That’s right—cat litter may help fight climate change. According to the MIT research team, zeolite clay—a common cat litter ingredient—showed the ability to absorb methane when placed in a copper […]

The FAO Spotlights Food Security On First International Day of Plant Health

3 Mins Read Last week, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization celebrated the first annual International Day of Plant Health—a tentpole built around investment and innovation aimed at boosting food security. Eighty percent of our food comes from plants, but according to the FAO, 40 percent of food crops are lost due to pests and plant disease […]

New Climate Report Gives 1.5°C Warming 50-50 Chance By 2026

4 Mins Read On the heels of the recent IPCC report that suggested temperatures will at least “temporarily” surpass the 1.5°C Paris Agreement target, the World Meteorological Organization forecasts the likelihood, giving it a near 50-50 chance in its latest prediction. Earlier this week, the WMO said there’s a 48 percent chance that temperatures will surpass the 1.5°C […]

Brits Are More Climate Conscious Than Ever, According To Search Engine Data

4 Mins Read Google has released data that appears to demonstrate a shift towards climate awareness in the U.K. Users of the search engine have been looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, with specific methodologies starting to trend. Vintage and recycled clothing has proven to be a popular query, alongside electric vehicle searches. The revelation came […]

Climate Change Will Bring Thousands of New Viruses, Says New Study

3 Mins Read Climate change isn’t just bringing rising temperatures and rising sea levels. According to new research, it’s bringing a rising risk of infectious disease. A new study published last week in the journal Nature points to “thousands” of new viruses spreading from animals to humans by 2070 as a result of climate change. Researchers out of […]

Big Oil Lied To Us: The Takeaway From An Explosive New Docuseries

7 Mins Read By Chris McGreal. There is a moment in the revelatory PBS Frontline docuseries The Power of Big Oil, about the industry’s long campaign to stall action on the climate crisis, in which the former Republican senator Chuck Hagel reflects on his part in killing US ratification of the Kyoto climate treaty. In 1997, Hagel joined with […]

Scientists Can Now See Cow Burps From Space

3 Mins Read Scientists have made a new discovery in outer space. But it’s not an alien or new planet—it’s livestock methane emissions, now visible from space. On the heels of the recent IPCC report that called for a 30 percent reduction in methane emissions, scientists say they can now see cow-produced methane pollution caught on cameras from […]

Bioacoustics: Listening To Nature Is Our Only Option To Solve The Climate Crisis

5 Mins Read As current climate conversations overwhelmingly lack both heart and accessibility, Joycelyn Longdon, an environmental PhD student at Cambridge, tackles the subject from an education and action-focused perspective – not for aimless doomism. From whale calls to birdsong, from chainsaws to mining drills, much of the activity within the forests, oceans and cities of our planet […]

6 Female Scientists We’re Thankful For On Earth Day

7 Mins Read Scientific research might be considered a male-dominated arena, but it’s time to recognise that there are plenty of female pioneers to celebrate. Strong women who identified a niche or subject that was ripe for further exploration have led the charge for progress for centuries. This Earth Day, we take a closer look at six of […]

Agriculture and Climate Change Linked to 50% Decline in Key Insect Populations

3 Mins Read Human-caused climate change and agriculture are wiping out the planet’s bug populations, specifically key pollinators. And scientists say there’s reason to be concerned. Less than half a century ago, a ride through rural areas would see a smattering of bugs that met their untimely fate on car windshields. That’s no longer the case these days; […]

US Congressman Jamie Raskin: Only Democracy Can Save Our Species

5 Mins Read By Ankito Rao. Progressive congressman from Maryland believes that no other crisis, even the existential threat of the changing climate, can be solved without first protecting the fabric of American democracy On the one hand there is the planet, heating up quickly past the limit that is safe and necessary for human survival, while Congress […]

Shopify, Stripe, Alphabet and Others Pledge Nearly $1 Billion on Carbon Removal

3 Mins Read Shopify, Alphabet, Meta Platforms Inc., and McKinsey & Co. have all pledged to join Stripe’s Frontier fund, a public-benefit corporation, in a $925 million carbon offset buying effort and the largest combined financial commitment in the world aimed solely at carbon removal. On the heels of the IPCC’s third installment of its Sixth Assessment Report, […]

Cultivated Meat And Cow-Free Dairy Deliver On Protein But Don’t Ravage The Planet

4 Mins Read By: Evan Fraser, University of Guelph, Katherine Alexandra Newman, University of Victoria, Lenore Newman, University of The Fraser Valley, Michael von Massow, University of Guelph, Robert Newell, University of The Fraser Valley The protein sector is at a crossroads. On the one hand, global demand for animal protein has never been higher. On the other, meat and dairy already have an outsized hoofprint on the world’s farmlands. And […]