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Eating Less Meat Is Critical to Fight Climate Change, Confirms Another Study

3 Mins Read A reduction in meat consumption, regardless of how small, has been shown to contribute in the war against climate change. This is due to the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions that are created by cattle production. A dip in demand will equal lower production numbers and consequently, improvements to the climate. Cattle production contributes 57 […]

Meat-Eating Men Trump Women When It Comes to Climate Change Emissions

3 Mins Read A new study has revealed that men who indulge in meat-heavy diets are responsible for 40% more climate-changing emissions than women. Findings also showed that “optional” food and drink choices contributed to 25% of diet-based emissions. Researchers have concluded that sustainable diets should centre around plant-based foods, with a simultaneous reduction in sweet treats. The […]

‘Voice Of The Glaciers’ Documentary Proves Climate Change Deniers Wrong

3 Mins Read Documenting a three-week scientific expedition across the Arctic island of Svalbard, award-winning film Voice Of The Glaciers is an eye-opening look at the effects of climate change. Led by director Sindre Kolbjørnsgard, the group overcomes extreme conditions only to be floored by the physical consequences of unsustainable living. Planned for 11 months and shot in […]

The Climate Crisis Is Forcing Women and Girls to Sell Their Bodies

7 Mins Read By Anya Zoledziowski A family fell on such hard times after a cyclone that when a man offered their daughter, 17, a job, they agreed. They later learned she was forced into the sex trade. In May 2020, when the catastrophic Cyclone Amphan tore through her village in West Bengal, a state in eastern India, Seema […]

COP26 Ends With Promises, But Not Nearly Enough Progress

9 Mins Read By Tina Gerhardt The UN climate conference’s agreement acknowledges several key issues for the first time—but doesn’t do enough to address them. As COP26 drew to a close with the Glasgow Climate Pact, a 10-page document, the results were… mixed. In many ways, its results signal a tale of two globes. While delegates from the Global South […]

How Climate Change Threatens Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses

3 Mins Read By Cara Korte World leaders will turn their focus to gender Tuesday at the U.N. global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Globally, women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men, as they make up a majority of the world’s poor and depend most on natural resources, according to the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. […]

COP26 Not Tackling Food and Livestock Emissions, Experts Warn

3 Mins Read As world leaders gathered at COP26 to draw up plans to tackle climate change, one big thing was missing from the agenda: food. With the global food system accounting for nearly a third of emissions, experts say that bringing food and agriculture into climate talks will be “critical” to meet the 1.5℃ under the Paris […]

‘Nice’ Isn’t Going to Save the Planet

5 Mins Read By Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt In a rapidly heating world, we don’t have time for etiquette. “No matter what he says today,” climate activist Lauren MacDonald said through tears in her opening lines at the TED Countdown panel in Edinburgh. “Remember, Shell has spent millions covering up the warnings from climate scientists, bribing politicians, and even paying […]

Cop26 Climate Plans Will Still Lead To 2.4℃ of Global Heating

3 Mins Read The planet is still on track to see global temperatures rising by 2.4℃, despite the current pledges made at Cop26. The new analysis, which shows that the world will far exceed the 1.5℃ limit of the Paris agreement, criticises Glasgow for its “massive credibility, action and commitment gap”.  New data shows that the world is […]

Coffee Won’t Taste and Smell The Same Due To Climate Change, Study Finds

4 Mins Read The taste and smell of your morning coffee could be very different in a few years from now. In fact, it has probably undergone slight changes already due to climate change. In a new study, researchers found that shifting climate conditions are having an impact on the sensorial aspects and overall quality of coffee.  Scientists […]

Whose Voices Are (and Aren’t) Being Heard at COP26?

8 Mins Read By Rachel Sarah “COP26 is looking like one of the most inequitable, White, and segregated COPs to ever occur,” says Ayisha Siddiqa, a climate activist who traveled from New York City to Glasgow for the long-awaited 26th Conference of the Parties, which began on Oct. 31. Over the course of 13 days, parties to the 1992 United […]

Is the Global Methane Pledge Just “Words on Paper”?

8 Mins Read By Amy Westervelt More than 70 countries, including the United States, have promised to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Is it enough? This week at COP26, more than 70 countries, led by the European Union and the United States, formally announced their commitment to the Global Methane Pledge: a promise to reduce methane emissions […]

Exxon Is Desperate to Keep People From Realizing It Lied About Climate

6 Mins Read By Geoff Dembicki Oil executives delayed and deflected at a historic congressional hearing into climate denial Thursday. Experts say once people learn the truth it could be game over for Big Oil. Exxon had been dreading this day for decades.  On Thursday, the top executive at the oil and gas giant was grilled by Democratic lawmakers […]

Leaked Files Expose Nations Lobbying Against UN Climate Action

4 Mins Read Just days ahead of COP26, leaked documents reveal how big polluter countries have been lobbying against climate action and are seeking to water down a landmark UN IPCC report. Countries involved range from major oil and coal-rich nations like Saudi Arabia and Australia to big beef producing countries such as Brazil and Argentina.  Leaked files […]