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John Oliver Takes On Environmental Racism

4 Mins Read Known for his ability to take complex topics and turn them into crib notes for widespread understanding, John Oliver has done it again. Employing his usual brand of humour, he took on the serious issue of environmental racism on the Last Week Tonight show. The host painted a graphic picture of not only what the […]

Brits Are More Climate Conscious Than Ever, According To Search Engine Data

4 Mins Read Google has released data that appears to demonstrate a shift towards climate awareness in the U.K. Users of the search engine have been looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, with specific methodologies starting to trend. Vintage and recycled clothing has proven to be a popular query, alongside electric vehicle searches. The revelation came […]

Deep Cleaning With A Lighter Environmental Impact? This Startup Says It Is Possible

3 Mins Read Synthetic chemicals in cleaning products are a serious problem. Pennsylvania-based Sudoc, an offshoot of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, claims it is capable of cleaning up the cleaning industry with new technology that’s safer for humans and the planet. The startup won Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Award for the ‘On The Rise’ category, which […]

Is HSBC About To Get Hung Out To Dry For Greenwashing?

4 Mins Read U.K. advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, is in the midst of deciding whether or not to caution HSBC over “misleading” adverts. The campaigns in question allude to climate action by the major financial institution while omitting key data about its own emissions. If an official warning is issued, it will be the first time […]

Big Oil Lied To Us: The Takeaway From An Explosive New Docuseries

7 Mins Read By Chris McGreal. There is a moment in the revelatory PBS Frontline docuseries The Power of Big Oil, about the industry’s long campaign to stall action on the climate crisis, in which the former Republican senator Chuck Hagel reflects on his part in killing US ratification of the Kyoto climate treaty. In 1997, Hagel joined with […]

Bioacoustics: Listening To Nature Is Our Only Option To Solve The Climate Crisis

5 Mins Read As current climate conversations overwhelmingly lack both heart and accessibility, Joycelyn Longdon, an environmental PhD student at Cambridge, tackles the subject from an education and action-focused perspective – not for aimless doomism. From whale calls to birdsong, from chainsaws to mining drills, much of the activity within the forests, oceans and cities of our planet […]

UMass Becomes First US College To Start Carbon Labelling Cafeteria Meals

4 Mins Read UMass Amherst will now nclude carbon footprint information on its menus. The move comes as part of wider commitments to reach carbon neutrality by 2032. The Boston college will become the first in the U.S. to measure and highlight the carbon footprint of individual menu items.  UMass aims to offer its 28,635-strong student body access […]

Climate Candy Is A Thing And It’s Tackling Food Waste

4 Mins Read Is climate candy set to be the next food niche? LA-based PurePlus says yes. The startup launched its first consumer brand, Faves, in 2021 as a sustainable alternative to Starburst. Today, each packet of chews contains one serving of fruits and veggies and saves scores of viable produce from ending up in landfill. According to […]

US Congressman Jamie Raskin: Only Democracy Can Save Our Species

5 Mins Read By Ankito Rao. Progressive congressman from Maryland believes that no other crisis, even the existential threat of the changing climate, can be solved without first protecting the fabric of American democracy On the one hand there is the planet, heating up quickly past the limit that is safe and necessary for human survival, while Congress […]

Cultivated Meat And Cow-Free Dairy Deliver On Protein But Don’t Ravage The Planet

4 Mins Read By: Evan Fraser, University of Guelph, Katherine Alexandra Newman, University of Victoria, Lenore Newman, University of The Fraser Valley, Michael von Massow, University of Guelph, Robert Newell, University of The Fraser Valley The protein sector is at a crossroads. On the one hand, global demand for animal protein has never been higher. On the other, meat and dairy already have an outsized hoofprint on the world’s farmlands. And […]

What Is Earth Day? (And Does It Really Matter?)

5 Mins Read Earth Day is more than just a social media trend. A global event that encourages environmentalism, it has become synonymous with eco mobilisation and addressing the imbalance in the world.  Falling on April 22nd every year, Earth Day is in the diaries of climate activists, vegans, and conscious consumers everywhere, but is it important? Does […]

Pop Culture Role Models Could Be Surprising Allies In Fight Against Climate Crisis

4 Mins Read By: Denise Baden, University of Southampton It is often implied that all we need are technological solutions and more renewable energy to solve our environmental issues. But history teaches us that as technology progresses and we become more efficient, we simply consume more. This has associated environmental problems, such as plastic waste, water pollution and mining for […]

Sweden Wants to Be the First Country To Account For Consumption Emissions In Climate Targets

4 Mins Read Already acknowledged as an ambitious nation due to a 2045 net-zero target, Sweden is flexing its eco-credentials even further. The country has announced intentions to account for consumption-based emissions within its targets, something no other country has pledged. This means that products made overseas for import into Sweden will have their carbon emissions added to […]

Climate Scientists Are Getting Arrested For Trying To Spread Their Message

5 Mins Read By Peter Kalmus. On Wednesday, I was arrested for locking myself onto an entrance to the JP Morgan Chase building in downtown LA. I can’t stand by – and nor should you. “Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals, but the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil […]