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Are These The Top 10 Most Eco-Friendly Tourist Attractions?

5 Mins Read Every space and place has its impact on the planet, and tourist destinations, the places which are visited by millions of people everyday for their appeal and beauty, have their fair share of positive and negative outcomes on our environment.  A report from The World Count reveals that 5% of total greenhouse gas emissions are […]

First Ever Plastic-Free Flight Takes Off in Friendly Skies

2 Mins Read In unprecedented air transport history, Portuguese charter airline Hi Fly has become the first operator to ditch single-use plastics on board. Following four series of of ‘plastic-free’ trial flights from a 10-hour Lisbon to Brazil journey all carrying a total of 700 passengers, the wet-lease carrier aims to make their entire fleet plastic-free by the […]

How To Be A Zero Waste Traveler: Our Eco Experts Share Their Top Tips

4 Mins Read Travel is a pursuit that involves a great deal of waste. From plastic hotel toiletries to the airline’s single serve complimentary beverage service, it can be easy to create a ton of trash before even arriving at your destination. But it doesn’t have to be! Planning ahead before your travels and being mindful during your […]