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INTERVIEW: Former HK Observatory Director Chiu-ying Lam “Climate Change Is Real Beyond Any Doubt”

5 Mins Read Former director of the Hong Kong Observatory Chiu-ying Lam is an expert conservationist and meteorologist, and we recently had the opportunity to interview him on Hong Kong’s environmental issues. Since retiring from the chief position at the HKO, Mr. Lam has been championing environmental conservation and education in the city. Below is our interview, where […]

6 Hong Kong Eco Petitions You Need To Sign NOW!

7 Mins Read It’s no secret that Hong Kong could do better on the environmental front. We don’t do enough to protect our country parks, or our heritage buildings, or our indigenous animal species. The road to change is a long and hard one. Most of us probably feel our voice cannot get heard, especially if we are not […]