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Experts: Reusables Do Not Increase Risk Of Covid-19 Transmission, Safe To Use

3 Mins Read Whilst some food establishments have chosen to stop accepting reusable containers and cups during the coronavirus pandemic, experts say that these fears are unfounded. In a new statement, scientists say that reusable containers do not increase the chance of transmission of the coronavirus, and are completely safe to use by employing basic hygiene.  On Monday […]

Should You Quit Reusables Because Of Coronavirus? It’s Complicated

5 Mins Read Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be fear around the use of reusable products. Many companies are now temporarily banning the use of reusables as a “precautionary” measure. In this Green Queen in-depth feature, we explore the question of whether anti-reusable measures are warranted, or even effective, when it comes to preventing the […]