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1/3 Of German Households Reduce Meat Intake Amid Slaughterhouse Covid-19 Outbreaks

3 Mins Read Widespread fears over poor working conditions in meat factories after a number of coronavirus outbreaks is accelerating the plant-based trend in Germany. According to new data from market analysts, the number of vegetarians in the country has doubled while nearly a third of all households are now actively reducing meat consumption, in line with similar […]

Post Covid-19 Travel: Hong Kong-based Unicorn Klook Launches Home, A Portal For Virtual Workshops, Tours & Classes

3 Mins Read Hong Kong-based travel booking platform and app Klook has recently launched “Klook Home”, consisting of new home-based experiences. Users on Klook Home can book online workshops, virtual tours and cooking classes as the company adapts to the new travel-free reality in the age of coronavirus.  Repositioning itself in the coronavirus-stricken travel sector, Klook has launched […]

Inhumane Methods Used To Cull Millions Of Farm Animals While Food Banks Run Dry

3 Mins Read Millions of farm animals are to be “depopulated” using inhumane methods such as suffocation, drowning and shooting, in spite of widespread hunger during the economic fallout as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This latest meat supply chaos is another blow to the meat industry, which is facing mounting criticism over its unsustainable and unethical […]

Virus Outbreaks In Slaughterhouses Globally Exposes Meat Industry Danger

3 Mins Read Meat plants all over the world are struggling to contain coronavirus outbreaks amongst its employees, shedding light on the nature of the work itself and the wider livestock industry that is fuelling the spread of disease. Critics are warning that pressure to continue operating at such speed to meet the demand for animal protein is […]

Global Opinion Sees Climate Crisis As Serious As Covid-19, New Survey Finds

3 Mins Read New polling conducted by global market research and public opinion firm Ipsos finds that the general public believe that in the long-term, climate change is as serious a crisis as the current coronavirus pandemic. The survey was conducted across 29 countries, and also finds widespread public support for prioritising a “green” economic recovery from the […]

US Meat Supply Chain Breaks Down, Reveals Danger Of Livestock Industry

4 Mins Read The coronavirus pandemic is pushing the food supply chain all over the world to its limits, but the latest news emerging from the United States has spotlighted global attention on the danger, cruelty and unsustainable nature of the livestock industry in the country. Meat processing plants are shutting down, farmers are forced to cull millions […]

Trump’s EPA Is Unleashing The Pollution That Makes Us Vulnerable To COVID-19

6 Mins Read By: Sharon Zhang The suspension of air pollution regulations threatens to further harm communities struggling to cope with the pandemic. Past exposure to air pollution increases the risk that an individual will suffer critical illness after contracting COVID-19, according to a report released on April 8 by researchers at Harvard. In light of this finding, the […]

Visual Explainer: The Environmental Impact Of Covid-19 – Infographic

< 1 Min With Covid-19 bringing the world to a near standstill, virtually ending air travel and significantly reducing industrial output in many areas of the world, many of us might be wondering what the environmental impact of the pandemic is. Have carbon emissions and pollution decreased, and if so, by how much? What about waste – are […]

China To Dominate 3D Printed Meat Market Despite Covid-19 Crisis

3 Mins Read Speaking to FoodNavigator, alternative protein industry expert Olivia Fox Cabane says she believes that China will retain its massive potential to lead the Asia-Pacific market for 3D printed protein due to its cost and speed advantage. While 3D-printed meat has already been achieved by some food techs working on sustainable protein solutions, one of the […]

Harvard Scientists Find Air Pollution Increases Risk Of Covid-19 Fatalities

3 Mins Read A new study by Harvard University researchers has revealed that air pollution is linked to significantly higher death rates in people infected with Covid-19. Scientists analysed data on air pollution and deaths from the coronavirus up until April 4 this year over 3,000 counties in the United States, and found that even a single-unit increase […]

Pope Francis Says Pandemic Is Nature’s Response To Climate Crisis

3 Mins Read In a recent interview published by the magazines Tablet and Commonwealth, Pope Francis said that the coronavirus pandemic is one of “nature’s responses” to humans ignoring ecological and climate catastrophes. The Pope added that the outbreak offers the planet an opportunity to reflect on unsustainable production and consumption, and to learn to practice compassion for […]

Covid-19 Pandemic Strengthening Asian Interest In Sustainable Investment

2 Mins Read Rich investors in Asia are displaying growing interest in sustainable investments as the coronavirus shifts mindsets towards concerns about public health and the environment, according to UBS. The Swiss multinational investment firm’s private banking unit in Asia recorded a doubling of assets in sustainable investments since the beginning of last year, with the majority coming […]

9 Hong Kong Businesses Share How They Are Coping With Coronavirus

7 Mins Read The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 920,000 people all over the world, and its spread has left businesses reeling. From months of social distancing measures causing a nosedive in customers to concerns about the health and safety of their own staff, companies are now on a difficult mission to stay afloat. As the pandemic continues […]