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Hong Kong Cell-Based Seafood Startup Avant Enters Skincare With Cultivated Marine Protein

3 Mins Read Hong Kong-based cultivated seafood startup Avant Meats has announced the launch of its cell-based functional protein for cosmeceutical products, marking its first foray into the skincare market. Produced in a traceable and controlled environment using the startup’s cell culture biotechnology, their new product, Zellulin, is described as the first of its kind and a sustainable […]

Hoxton Farms Bags US$3.75M To ‘Bring Back Fat’ By Cultivating It From Animal Cells

3 Mins Read London-based biotech startup Hoxton Farms has raised £2.7 million (approx. US$3.75 million) in a seed funding round for its cultivated fat technology. Using cell biology and mathematical modelling, the company grows a slaughter-free and sustainable “better kind of fat” directly from animal cells in bioreactors. Hoxton Farms says their cultivated fat ingredients will help elevate […]

Aleph Farms & Technion Debut World’s First Cell-Based Ribeye Steak Prototype

3 Mins Read Israeli food tech Aleph Farms and its research partner Technion of the Israel Institute of Technology, has successfully revealed the world’s first cultivated ribeye steak. The prototype uses 3D bioprinting technology and is grown directly from the cells of cows, without any GMOs or cell immortalisation.  Developed with research partner Technion, Aleph Farms has debuted […]

CellulaREvolution Bags US$1.37 Million To Scale Continuous Cell Culturing Tech System

3 Mins Read British biotech CellulaREvolution has recently raised £1 million (US$1.37 million) to further accelerate its cell culture technology. Unlike traditional batch technologies in the sector, the startup has developed a continuous cell culture system that enables high yields at greater cost efficiencies, which has opportunities for large scale applications in the cultivated meat industry.  CellulaREvolution, a […]

Swiss Startup Mirai Foods Bags US$2.4M To Bring GMO-Free Cultured Meat To Europe

3 Mins Read Mirai Foods, the only cultivated meat player in Switzerland so far, has announced the closing of a US$2.4 million seed funding round. The Zürich-based startup says the investment will help accelerate R&D, develop its first commercial product and ultimately bring its GMO-free cultured proteins to market in Europe.  Mirai Foods announced last Tuesday (January 25) […]

This Cultured Meat Startup Is Making Animal-Free Food For Your Pets

3 Mins Read While people around the world are getting excited about trying cultivated meats for the first time in the near future, this startup is thinking about offering this experience to your pets. Based in Philadelphia, Because Animals is a biotech working on developing animal-free pet food using cell-based technology, and have already managed to produce the […]

Avant Meats Forms Strategic Partnership With Vietnam Seafood Giant To Bring Cultivated Fish To Market

3 Mins Read Avant Meats, the Hong Kong-based food tech developing cell-based seafood, has announced a new strategic partnership with Vinh Hoan Corporation (VHC), the world’s largest pangasius fish producer based in Vietnam. The partnership will see Avant Meats leverage VHC’s global sales network and manufacturing capabilities, with the view to accelerate the commercialisation of its cultivated fish […]

Spanish Food Tech Novameat 3D Prints The ‘World’s Biggest Cell-Based Meat Prototype’

4 Mins Read Novameat has developed what it bills as the “world’s biggest cell-based meat prototype” to date, the Spanish food tech revealed in a recent interview. Speaking to FoodNavigator, Novameat’s founder and CEO Giuseppe Scionti says that the firm’s ability to 3D print whole cut meats could present a “complete gamechanger” to disrupt the unsustainable meat industry.  […]

Exclusive: Seoul Startup DaNAgreen’s Affordable 3D Scaffolds Enables Large-Scale Cultured Meat Production

3 Mins Read Seoul-based startup DaNAgreen, who originally developed its proprietary scaffold that helps cells grow into a 3D structure for biomedical applications, is now making cultured meat its mission. Adapting its initial scaffolding dubbed Protinet for cell-based meat production, the startup says it can now be produced “at a price a thousand times cheaper than the original”, […]

Spain’s BioTech Foods To Lead US$6.3M Government-Backed Cultured Meat Project

3 Mins Read Spanish startup BioTech Foods will be leading a new government-backed project that will see ten research institutions and seven organisations come together to make meat directly from animal cells. The aim of the project is to develop healthier and more sustainable alternative proteins, including research into cultured meat that could prevent colon cancer and high […]

BlueNalu Nets US$60M In Record-Breaking Cell-Based Seafood Funding Round

4 Mins Read Cell-based food tech BlueNalu has closed US$60 million in convertible note financing, in what is the largest funding round to date for the cultivated seafood industry. The food tech says that the capital will be used to fund its first commercial pilot facility to produce seafood directly from fish cells and accelerate its go-to-market plans […]

Singapore Regulators Urge Cell-Based Startups To Apply Early For Approval

3 Mins Read Following the issuance of the world’s first regulatory approval of cell-based meat, Singapore authorities are now encouraging cultured meat makers to apply early for regulatory approval. With the priority on ensuring safety, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) says that firms should start the regulatory process as early as possible, so as to allow for ample […]

Israel’s Aleph Farms Partners With Mitsubishi To Bring Cultivated Meat Manufacturing Platform To Japan

3 Mins Read Israeli food tech Aleph Farms has announced a new agreement with the food industry arm of Japanese corporate giant Mitsubishi to bring cultivated meat to Japan. Under the newly formed partnership, the Israeli cell-based meat maker will provide its manufacturing platform to cultivate whole-muscle steaks while Mitsubishi will bring in biotech, food production and local […]

DiverseFarm: Japanese Michelin-Starred Chef Launches New Cell-Based Meat Venture

3 Mins Read Renowned chef Shimamura Masaharu of Michelin-starred Osaka restaurant Unkaku has launched DiverseFarm, a partner venture with Tokyo-based cellular agriculture company TissueByNet. The startup will bring together Masaharu’s culinary expertise and TissueByNet’s food science know-how to offer an entire menu of cultured meat delicacies, from deep-fried cell-based duck to steamed cultivated chicken and aemono.  A collaboration […]

Cell-Based Protein Scaffold Maker Matrix Meats Secures Seed Investment To Scale Up Production

3 Mins Read Matrix Meats, an Ohio-based startup developing nanofibre scaffolds for cultivated meat products, has announced the completion of an oversubscribed seed funding round. The investment will be used to expand the firm’s partnerships and scale-up manufacturing to accelerate the cultivated protein market – a sector poised for major growth this year following the industry milestone of […]

Top 10 Alternative Protein Headlines Of 2020

5 Mins Read There’s no doubt that it’s been a record-breaking year for the alternative protein industry, from the world’s first regulatory approval for cell-based meat to enormous rounds of funding despite the economic downturn amidst the pandemic. To round up 2020, we’ve rounded up the ten most exciting headlines and milestones that took the alternative protein world […]

Cultured Protein: A Guide To Every Cell-Based Meat Startup In The World Right Now

10 Mins Read The alternative protein market is on fire right now, estimated to be worth approximately $2.2Bn, and cultivated meat is expected to play an important role in the shift from traditional meat products. Experienced scientists are engaged in cellular agriculture with the aim of reducing animal-based agriculture’s negative impact on both the planet and the suffering of […]