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GOOD Meat and ADM Confirm Strategic Partnership To Ramp Up Cultivated Meat Output

4 Mins Read Californian-food tech Eat Just has announced that its GOOD Meat cultivated chicken brand is now partnering with food processing giant ADM to help accelerate commercial rollout of GOOD Meat products. The collaboration marks the first cultivated meat partnership for ADM, which recently pledged to invest $300 million towards better protein production. How two food pioneers […]

China’s CellX Announces $10.6 Million Series A To Make Cultivated Meat

4 Mins Read Shanghai-based cellular agriculture startup CellX has secured a $10.6 million Series A funding round with funding earmarked for recruitment efforts and optimizing the company’s platform technologies to achieve scale while decreasing unit costs. New backers included Joyvio Capital and SALT, amongst others, with previous investors Lever VC, Better Bite Ventures and Agronomics all joining again. […]

Space F And Partners Scoop $15 Million Government Grant

3 Mins Read South Korean cultivated meat startup Space F, along with four partners, has won a grant of $15 million to continue researching cultivated meat. As part of the Alychymist Project, an R&D initiative supported by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the grant will be paid over the next five years.  The focus of […]

China Holds First Cellular Agriculture Forum To Embolden Cultivated Meat Progress

4 Mins Read Food security and a growing demand for protein is on every government’s mind. A new cultivated meat industry association, the China Cellular Agriculture Forum, held its first event last week and was attended by approximately 30 companies within the cultivated sector. Key on the agenda? To help create a sustainable, secure animal protein future in […]

Bluu Seafood And CellX Announce Cross-Continental Strategic Partnership To Answer Food Security Concerns

4 Mins Read China’s CellX and Germany’s Bluu Seafood have announced a strategic collaboration that will see them combine their cultivated meat and seafood expertise to address future demand for sustainable animal protein. Both are pioneers in the emerging cellular agriculture field, boasting extensive R&D activities as they work towards regulatory approval and commercial sale of cultivated products.  […]

TissenBioFarm Scoops ₩500 Million To Make Cultivated Meat With Edible Bio-Inks

3 Mins Read South Korean startup TissenBioFarm has confirmed that it netted $400,000 USD from Mirae Holdings to further develop a manufacturing platform that can produce cultivated and plant-based meats with realistic marbling. The company is an offshoot of Thyssen Biopharmaceuticals, which has traditionally focused on tissue engineering and artificial organ development. A joint enterprise led by Wonil […]

Mogale Meat Has Big Cultivated Meat Plans for Africa, Starting With Chicken

4 Mins Read South African food tech startup Mogale Meat has unveiled the first cultivated chicken to come out of Africa. The company claims the innovation represents a new dawn for African food security, alongside biodiversity and wildlife conservation. It also comes as Africa’s population is expected to double in the next 30 years and the continent moves […]

PHW Confirms SuperMeat Partnership To Introduce Cultivated Poultry To European Market 

4 Mins Read Germany’s PHW group, one of the largest poultry producers in Europe, has confirmed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israel-based SuperMeat. It formalises a joint goal of bringing cultivated poultry products to European consumers. Chicken, duck and turkey have been specifically cited for future manufacture.  The two food producers will combine their […]

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Foods And Israel’s Future Meat Partner To Create Cultivated Products In Asia

3 Mins Read Bangkok’s Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) has announced its new partnership with Israel’s Future Meat. The partnership brings together one of the world’s largest agro-industrial food conglomerates and a leader in the cultivated meat scene. The two will co-create a line of hybrid cultivated meat aimed squarely at the Asian market.  CPF will leverage its reach […]

This German Startup Has Made A Slaughter-Free Schnitzel To Break With Convention But Maintain Tradition

3 Mins Read Alife Foods has unveiled its first cultivated meat prototype, a schnitzel (breaded cutlet) made in collaboration with LabFarmFoods and the Fuchs Group. The product is currently undergoing taste trials and sensory evaluations. The company hopes to present a fully realised prototype to investors by year-end and become known as the ‘cultured schnitzel company’ after releasing […]

The Netherlands Edges Closer to Cultivated Meat Approval With Samples Now Legalised

4 Mins Read The Netherlands’ House of Representatives has just passed a motion to make cultivated meat samples legal. Dutch cell-based startups have heralded the move as significant progress towards regulatory approval. The D66 and VVD democratic political parties proposed the motion. Formal acceptance of cultivated technology in the Netherlands adds pressure on other countries to define their […]

Singaporeans More Open To Cultivated Meat Than The US Consumers, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read Singaporeans are more accepting of cultivated meats than their U.S. counterparts. The finding comes from a study conducted by the Singapore Management University (SMU). Data points to a correlation between social image and acceptance of new technologies with Singaporeans seemingly motivated to eat certain foods for a positive social image.  Links to ‘kiasu-ism’ were made, […]

SuperMeat Announces New Partnership With Ajinomoto To Accelerate Cultivated Meat Commercialisation

4 Mins Read Israeli foodtech SuperMeat, whose cultivated chicken a food expert called indistinguishable from the animal version, has announced a strategic partnership with Japanese food giant Ajinomoto. The two plan to work together to speed up and improve the development of cultivated meat products. This marks Ajinomoto’s first move into cellular agriculture, with the biotech investing in […]

Asian Food & Biotech Giant Joins Forces With Korean Startup To Build Cultivated Meat Cell Line Production

4 Mins Read One of Asia’s largest food and biotech companies, CJ CheilJedang, is entering the cultivated meat industry in partnership with KCell Biosciences, a startup focused on cell culture media. The companies will construct a cell culture media facility in Busan, South Korea, later this year. When completed, the location will offer the largest capacity for cell […]

Upside Foods Opens Its Doors for ‘EPIC’ Consumer Tours About The Future Of Meat

3 Mins Read California’s Upside Foods, which has pioneered cultivated meat in the U.S, has announced that it is inviting consumers to tour around its Engineering, Production, and Innovation Center (EPIC) in Emeryville as a way to educate the public about its products. Cellular agriculture alternatives to conventional meat remains shrouded in mystery for many and Upside hopes […]

Eat Just Partners With Singapore Hawkers To Bring Heritage And The Future Of Food Together

3 Mins Read Eat Just has announced a significant first: over the weekend, the company partnered with chefs at iconic Singaporean hawker stalls to launch dishes made with cultivated GOOD Meat chicken products across the island nation. Select hawkers will alternate approximately every two months for limited runs.  The first Eat Just collaboration was with Loo’s Hainanese Curry […]

Aleph Farms Moves To New Premises To Scale Cultivated “Thin-Cut’ Beef Steak Prototypes

3 Mins Read Israel’s Aleph Farms has announced that it has relocated to new 65,000 square foot headquarters in Rehovot, which will allow the cultivated meat company to increase production by six-fold. Production of thin-cut beef steaks will be the initial focus.  An onsite R&D centre is now being planned, to continue developing market-leading technology. International marketing and […]