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ProVeg International & Veg Capital Team Up To Accelerate Food Tech Funding

3 Mins Read ProVeg International and Veg Capital have partnered up to invest in food techs who are developing alternative proteins and sustainable food solutions. Together, the two organisations have already invested in two ProVeg Incubator alumni firms, and have announced yet another funding package to plant-based desserts startup Zveetz.  Sustainable food nonprofit ProVeg International and venture capital […]

Cultured Protein: A Guide To Every Cell-Based Meat Startup In The World Right Now

10 Mins Read The alternative protein market is on fire right now, estimated to be worth approximately $2.2Bn, and cultivated meat is expected to play an important role in the shift from traditional meat products. Experienced scientists are engaged in cellular agriculture with the aim of reducing animal-based agriculture’s negative impact on both the planet and the suffering of […]