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Hong Kong’s Best 5-Star Hotel Staycations: World-Class Luxury Wellness

7 Mins Read With the explosion of the wellness scene in Asia, the detox getaway has become de rigueur. More and more hotels and spas now offer tailored packages that include some combination of healthy cuisine, natural beauty treatments and yoga sessions. Whilst we love the idea of getting away from it all in Bali or Phuket, traveling […]

Hong Kong’s Best Detox & Cleanse Programs 2016

9 Mins Read Do you need a restart health-wise? The holidays are a period of excess and poor habits. Come January, many of us need a boost when it comes to our bodies: our digestive systems need a break from heavy fatty & fried foods, our livers need a detox from all the drinking and our minds need sleep […]

Green Queen Recommends: HK’s Top 3 Detox Programs

5 Mins Read January is the time to make big changes, especially when it comes to health & wellness. People cleanse for various reasons and you can do so at any time during the year but January always feels like a great time to reset yourself and your body. Everyone has different goals when it comes to cleansing […]