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Takeout Documentary Exposes The Devastating Impact Of Our Food Choices On The Amazon Rainforest

3 Mins Read Emmy-nominated filmmaker Michal Siewierski has unveiled a new documentary that highlights the disastrous impact our food choices are having on the Amazon rainforest. In addition to raising climate concerns, the film, called Takeout, suggests our addiction to convenience and immediate delivery is increasingly becoming a public health issue. The documentary discusses the environmental cost of […]

#MustWatch: Why The Game Changers Is Such A Game Changer

6 Mins Read Our over-reliance on meat and dairy in our daily diets is mired in a great deal of misinformation and corporate interests. The Game Changers, a smash-hit documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletic performance, is an eye opening journey into how much we actually don’t know about why we eat meat, and […]