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Chinese Netizens Attack Vegetarianism Film, Cite ‘Blind Worship Of The West’ As Appetite For Beef Grows

4 Mins Read A 45-minute documentary in mainland China promoting vegetarianism has been heavily criticised across the country’s social media channels. Well-known Chinese actresses Zhang Jingchu and Tao Hong both appeared in the film, in which meat-eating was linked to carbon emissions and cruelty, while vegetarianism was projected as a healthy choice. Viewers took to the comments to […]

5 Climate Change Documentaries You Need To Watch Now

3 Mins Read It’s Friday night, you’re tucked in bed with a glass of wine and trying to cope with your eco-anxiety. You’ve already binge-watched Planet Earth and Cowspiracy, and you’re totally sick of The Inconvenient Truth by now. Or maybe you haven’t had the courage to dabble in documentary-mania. Whether you are an environmental policy nerd and […]