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Stressed About The Climate Crisis? How Therapists Are Treating Eco-Anxiety

12 Mins Read By: Isobel Whitcomb Andrew Bryant, a therapist based in Tacoma, Washington, felt helpless the first time climate change came up in his office. It was 2016, and a client was agonizing over whether to have a baby. His partner wanted one, but the young man couldn’t stop envisioning this hypothetical child growing up in an […]

From Eutierra To Eco-Rage: This New Climate Scale Helps Describe Your Earth Emotions

6 Mins Read Research by the American Psychiatric Association shows that more frequent natural disasters caused by climate change are contributing to a skyrocketing levels of anxiety and trauma. Isaias Hernandez is the founder and activist behind Queer Brown Vegan, a platform he created to offer accessible environmental education about topics such as environmental justice, veganism and zero-waste […]

Can Psychedelics Treat Climate Grief?

6 Mins Read By: Mark Hertsgaard Author Michael Pollan talks about whether drugs that comfort the terminally ill can also help people mourning the climate future. The dread that many people are feeling these days about the coronavirus is nothing new to those acquainted with climate grief. As terrible as the virus is, the heat waves, droughts, fires, and […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Widespread Eco-Anxiety

2 Mins Read The American Psychological Association (APA) defined eco-anxiety in 2017 as a “chronic fear of environmental doom,” and 3 years on, we’re going to see the number of sufferers spike, and spike big time.  2019 saw the climate crisis pushed right up the world agenda. Just to list a few key data points: we saw millions […]

10 Ways To Deal With Eco-Anxiety Over The Holidays

4 Mins Read With so much news uncovering the severity of our ecological crisis, eco-anxiety, a psychological disorder involving ‘intense worry and a state of heightened anxiety about the environmental crisis’, is becoming more and more prevalent. The entire younger generation has grown up in the middle of mass biodiversity loss, record-breaking global warming and never ending pollution […]

Green With Worry: Do You Have Eco-Anxiety? A Beginner’s Guide

5 Mins Read You might recall the harrowing image of an emaciated polar bear in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago taken by wildlife photographer Paul Nicklenthat and published in National Geographic back in 2017. It was tragic, disturbing and very controversial. When I saw that image, it haunted me for months. The harsh reality highlighting a painful truth unfolding […]