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5 Toxic Everyday Products You Need To Quit Right Now

4 Mins Read There are many everyday products that are dangerous to our health and the environment, but most of us aren’t even aware of it. It’s time to get educated! Find out which daily “healthy” and “harmless” habits you practice are actually toxic and need to be thrown out/stopped ASAP – for yourself and for the planet. […]

Australia’s Zero Waste Retailer The Source Bulk Foods Lands in Singapore

2 Mins Read Australia’s largest bulk foods and zero-waste retailer, The Source Bulk Foods, has just unveiled its first Singaporean outlet located in Cluny Court. The new packaging-free destination will be stocked with over 350 pantry staples, whole-foods, snacks and treats and household products.  Much like Hong Kong’s very own Live Zero and Malaysia’s The Hive Bulk Foods, […]

TREE: Eco Chic Furniture Made With A Serious Passion For Sustainability

5 Mins Read In a perfect world, I live in a home filled with TREE.  Stepping off the elevators on the 28th floor of Horizon Plaza, the strong, earthy aroma of wood captures my senses: it’s intoxicatingly fresh and wholesomely restorative. As my eyes sweep over the massive furniture showroom that is TREE’s flagship in Ap Lei Chau, I […]