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Browser Extension TreeClicks Helps Online Shopaholics Plant Trees

4 Mins Read Online browser extension TreeClicks plants trees for users who shop on its affiliated e-commerce sites, including big names like Amazon, Ebay and ASOS. While shopping itself is not the best decision for the planet- reducing overall consumption would be the most eco-conscious choice- the extension would enable those who are online shoppers to alleviate some […]

B-Corp EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Program Lets Companies Plant Trees To Fight Climate Change

3 Mins Read Hong Kong-based EcoMatcher allows companies to plant trees in different forests around the world and see progress virtually through their technology platform. The aim of the program is to offer full transparency with tree-planting projects, allowing company employees to view their trees that have been planted through the EcoMatcher website. At a time when consumers […]

Plastic-Free Party: A Guide to Zero Waste Event Planning in Hong Kong

5 Mins Read Hong Kong has a packed event calendar all year round. We have markets and festivals and community gatherings and fairs. For those of us that lucky enough to live here, it makes weekends super fun. There’s only one problem: events cause so much waste! Disposables, single-use plastics, trash…most Hong Kong events are landfill-fillers so to […]