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What Is Your Digital Footprint & How Can You Minimise It?

5 Mins Read Thanks to the advent of the internet and digital age, we have managed to cut down on our consumption of physical resources such as wood for paper, but the emissions produced from maintaining and powering devices, cloud storage, data centres can add up. With access to internet and online services continually on the rise, so […]

Singapore App Capture Helps You Track Your Carbon Footprint & Offset It

2 Mins Read Singapore-based startup Capture has just created an app for individual users to track their carbon footprint from their everyday transport choices and auto-offset them on a monthly basis through certified tree planting projects. The app is a part of a growing group of digital platforms providing solutions for the climate crisis, our planet’s most urgent […]

B-Corp EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Program Lets Companies Plant Trees To Fight Climate Change

3 Mins Read Hong Kong-based EcoMatcher allows companies to plant trees in different forests around the world and see progress virtually through their technology platform. The aim of the program is to offer full transparency with tree-planting projects, allowing company employees to view their trees that have been planted through the EcoMatcher website. At a time when consumers […]

Sustainable Sexting: Green Queen’s Climate Conscious Emoji Guide

4 Mins Read Emojispeak totally count as a language on its own nowadays. But using the laughing face or the red heart emoji is so 2016. With 2019 being heralded as the Year of Zero Waste for some, and the Year of the Vegan for others, it’s now officially cool to be sustainable! So start using these climate-friendly […]