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TreeCard: World’s First Wooden Debit Card Plants Trees With Every Spend

3 Mins Read There’s now a way to plant trees with every single payment you make, thanks to a new debit card called TreeCard. Backed by Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, TreeCard is the world’s first wooden debit card – and it redirects 80% of its profits to forest restoration projects across the world.  Founded by […]

What Is Your Digital Footprint & How Can You Minimise It?

5 Mins Read Thanks to the advent of the internet and digital age, we have managed to cut down on our consumption of physical resources such as wood for paper, but the emissions produced from maintaining and powering devices, cloud storage, data centres can add up. With access to internet and online services continually on the rise, so […]

#Bye2019 – What We Learned This Year About Digital Climate Solutions

2 Mins Read This year, a whole range of companies geared up to use technology for good to develop digital solutions to some of the most pressing global issues facing our world today. In case you missed some of these, here is a roundup of all the AI-powered, tech-forward innovations we learned about this year. 1. Website Carbon […]

Hydro-Powered Search Engine Ekoru Helps Divert Ocean Waste With Every Browse

3 Mins Read Ekoru, a new hydro-electric powered search engine lets you browse the internet while helping clean ocean waste and keeping users’ data private. Founded this year by Australian techie Ati Bakush, Ekoru dedicates 60% of its revenue to climate change charities involved in animal welfare, reforestation and ocean conservation. The platform is among a number of […]

Singapore App Capture Helps You Track Your Carbon Footprint & Offset It

2 Mins Read Singapore-based startup Capture has just created an app for individual users to track their carbon footprint from their everyday transport choices and auto-offset them on a monthly basis through certified tree planting projects. The app is a part of a growing group of digital platforms providing solutions for the climate crisis, our planet’s most urgent […]

Browser Extension TreeClicks Helps Online Shopaholics Plant Trees

4 Mins Read Online browser extension TreeClicks plants trees for users who shop on its affiliated e-commerce sites, including big names like Amazon, Ebay and ASOS. While shopping itself is not the best decision for the planet- reducing overall consumption would be the most eco-conscious choice- the extension would enable those who are online shoppers to alleviate some […]

Major Increase In Carbon Offsetting Thanks To “Greta Thunberg Effect”

4 Mins Read Due to the growing attention about our current climate emergency – much of it inspired by the iconic 16-year old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg – we are now seeing a huge increase in carbon offsetting. The “Greta Thunberg Effect” had previously been at work to drive increased sales of environmental children’s books, and […]

B-Corp EcoMatcher’s Global Forest Program Lets Companies Plant Trees To Fight Climate Change

3 Mins Read Hong Kong-based EcoMatcher allows companies to plant trees in different forests around the world and see progress virtually through their technology platform. The aim of the program is to offer full transparency with tree-planting projects, allowing company employees to view their trees that have been planted through the EcoMatcher website. At a time when consumers […]

Gucci Plants Enough Trees To Make Operations & Supply Chain Carbon Neutral

2 Mins Read Gucci has just announced that their entire supply chain and operations have become completely carbon-neutral. The luxury fashion brand has achieved this by offsetting all remaining greenhouse gas emissions through supporting forest conservation and tree planting projects around the world. This comes amid the growing awareness among businesses that they must price in climate change […]

Sustainable Sexting: Green Queen’s Climate Conscious Emoji Guide

4 Mins Read Emojispeak totally count as a language on its own nowadays. But using the laughing face or the red heart emoji is so 2016. With 2019 being heralded as the Year of Zero Waste for some, and the Year of the Vegan for others, it’s now officially cool to be sustainable! So start using these climate-friendly […]