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Relocating Farmland Would Reverse 2 Decades-Worth Of CO2, Study Finds

4 Mins Read New research suggests relocating farmland could increase carbon sequestration and biodiversity while reducing freshwater use and minimizing environmental impact. Have we been farming in the wrong places? A new study, published in the journal Nature Communications Earth & Environment, suggests that may be the case. The researchers say that while a global shift to a […]

European Farmers Are Struggling With Animal Welfare Concerns They Can’t Talk About, Study Suggests

3 Mins Read A study published last December has highlighted a growing unease amongst European farmers: increasing moral concerns surrounding the practice of animal agriculture, alongside an inability to voice them for fear of ‘betraying’ the industry.  The peer-reviewed report, published by Elsevier (which is facing its own climate-related woes), revealed other surprising trends. Avoidance of meat products […]

Miyoko’s Creamery Launches Program That Helps Struggling Dairy Farmers Transition to Succesful Plant-Based Crops

3 Mins Read California-based Miyoko’s Creamery is pushing ahead with plans to domesticate its supply chain. Looking for a farm to transition to plant-based crops, the company has launched its Dairy Farm Transition (DFT) program. The chosen location will receive funding and support to move away from animal agriculture in favour of sustainable crops. It will become an […]

A New Program Is Looking To Help Farmers Pivot To The Alt Protein Economy

4 Mins Read Given the enormous role agriculture plays in driving global emissions, the expert scientific consensus is that our food system must change if we are to stand a chance against climate change. But doing so will require seismic shifts across the entire food supply chain, from retailers to manufacturers, and crucially, farmers and ranchers, who are […]

Singapore Couple Inspires Community With Urban Farm-To-Table Concept

2 Mins Read Founded by Scott and Justine Farmer in 2018, The Farmers is a Singaporean social enterprise promoting sustainability, cultural reconnection and local ecology through urban agriculture. Their urban farm is located right in their front garden, and has encouraged their community to grow their own herbs and food, and reconnect with others and nature.  This venture […]

Make A Date With Nature At HK Perma Club

5 Mins Read Humans have been working for thousands of years to enhance our natural surroundings and engineer the world around us, especially when it comes to agriculture and food production. In more recent years, a few wise folks have realized that instead of trying to fight nature, much could be gained from designs and philosophies that work with nature, […]