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Turns Out Fast Food May Just Be the Fix for Our Global Food Crisis

7 Mins Read The global food system is in a crisis: from our health to our planet, experts continue to call for change. The unlikeliest of heroes, fast food, is emerging as a bona fide panacea due in large part to simply adding vegan meat to menus. It was a move that sent Beyond Meat’s stock price on […]

Taco Bell Partners With Beyond Meat To Develop New Plant-Based Protein

3 Mins Read Taco Bell has revealed its new partnership with food tech giant Beyond Meat to “explore a new plant-based protein” that will be tested over the year. It marks the fast food chain’s first foray into plant-based meat within its U.S. operations, after its Yum China-owned franchise in mainland China began rolling out meatless menu options […]

Hong Kong Tops List of Worst Emissions Polluters Due To Excessive Meat & Dairy Consumption

3 Mins Read The University of Hong Kong‘s Department of Earth Science released a study last year revealing the significant greenhouse gas contributions that Hong Kong generates, predominantly fuelled by the city’s excessive appetite for meat. Results from the study indicate that if citizens cut back on meat and dairy intake in accordance with recommended nutritional guidelines, the […]