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UK Industry Sustainability Programme Food Made Good Launches In Hong Kong

4 Mins Read Food Made Good, the world’s largest sustainability programme for the food service sector, has just launched in Hong Kong. The programme focuses on influencing the sustainability of kitchens, from upping the number of low carbon, veg-led options on menus to reducing waste in operations. Especially in Hong Kong, where people are eating meat and dairy […]

Thought Leader: Supafood’s Steven Wu Wants To Change The Way Hong Kongers Eat

8 Mins Read With Supafood, his sustainably-sourced, budget-friendly fast casual eatery, Steven Wu is quietly ushering in a healthy eating revolution in Hong Kong. We talk to the inspiring founder and F&B stalwart about the economics of healthy food, what needs to change in the city’s restaurant industry and why his staff is his most important investment.    How Did […]