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Spanish Startup Libre Foods Wants To Be ‘World’s Leading Provider’ Of Whole-Cut Mycelium Steaks

4 Mins Read Libre Foods, one of the first European alternative protein food techs to tap fermentation technology, is on a mission to become the leading global provider of mycelium-based whole-cut meats. Currently, the startup is focused on developing a fungi-powered beef steak alternative, but plans on creating an entire range of whole-cut proteins using fermentation, from poultry […]

Prime Roots: This Plant-Based Startup Is Using Koji To Bring Home The Bacon

4 Mins Read There’s no doubt that plant-based meat is taking over grocery aisles all over the world, from “bleeding” Impossible Foods beef burger patties to Heura’s vegan chicken strips and even 100% plant-based OmniPork “Spam”. While the options and formats are plenty, many startups are using soy protein as the base ingredient. Berkeley, California-based Prime Roots is […]

To Feed 10 Billion Sustainably By 2050, Fermentation Sector Must Play A ‘Critical Role’

3 Mins Read In a recent virtual symposium held by the Good Food Institute (GFI), alternative protein experts and food industry players spotlighted fermentation as a crucial segment that will produce much-needed sustainable food solutions. Still in its infancy, the fermentation industry is now undergoing rapid development and harnessing technology that can be applied to multiple food categories […]

Kind Technology For Future Food: Global Event To Feature Major Alt Protein Players

3 Mins Read This month, alternative protein event organiser KindEarth.Tech (KET) will be hosting the Kind Technology for Future Food, an international virtual event to discuss the future of food and the latest in the plant-based, cell-based and fermentation protein sectors. Taking place on November 20, the schedule includes exciting talks from food tech founders and experts across […]