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Unsustainable Salmon Farming Cost US$47 Billion In Losses Since 2013, Report Finds

4 Mins Read Salmon aquaculture is leading to devastating consequences on our natural environment, from harming marine ecosystems via pollution, to the high stocking densities that are causing fish mortality rates skyrocket, leading to negative costs amounting to US$47 billion since 2013. Researchers say that these findings, published in a new report, should serve as a warning to […]

Fish Today Contains 283 Times More Parasites Than 40 Years Ago

3 Mins Read A new meta-analysis study by a research team at the University of Washington has revealed that fish now contains 283 times more parasitic worms than in the 1980s – which is ingested by humans when consuming raw, smoked or improperly frozen fish. The findings spotlight the health dangers of eating seafood, on top of existing […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Eating Fish & Seafood

7 Mins Read From biodiversity loss to more frequent natural disasters and rising global temperatures, our planet is now at an important crossroads. In the face of this global crisis, lessening our impact on the limited environmental resources we have left requires careful consideration of our consumption choices. Reducing seafood intake is one of the key ways you […]