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Illegal Fishing Whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson Receives WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award For Exposing Bribery Scandal

4 Mins Read Icelandic whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson, who risked his life while uncovering the deep corruption connected to fishing quotas in Namibia and bringing to light several business and political leaders who were found to have links to a bribery scandal, has won the prestigious WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award recognizes the […]

Netflix Seaspiracy Review: If You Can Still Eat Fish After Watching This Film, We’re Not Made The Same

8 Mins Read Director Ali Tabrizi’s documentary film, backed by Cowspiracy’s executive producer Kip Anderson, is shocking, terrifying and an unsparing indictment of the commercial fishing industry. Let’s hope everyone on the planet watches it so our oceans have a chance at survival. Green Queen has covered every single fact and issue that Seaspiracy brings to life on […]

Unsustainable Salmon Farming Cost US$47 Billion In Losses Since 2013, Report Finds

4 Mins Read Salmon aquaculture is leading to devastating consequences on our natural environment, from harming marine ecosystems via pollution, to the high stocking densities that are causing fish mortality rates skyrocket, leading to negative costs amounting to US$47 billion since 2013. Researchers say that these findings, published in a new report, should serve as a warning to […]