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Low-Income Countries To Be Hardest Hit As Global Food Prices Make Biggest Spike In Decade, U.N. Warns

3 Mins Read Global food prices have risen to decade-high levels, with low-income countries to be most vulnerable, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned. Predominantly in Asia-Pacific and Africa, many of these economies have already been ravaged by the impacts of the pandemic, and will now be under additional food insecurity threats from rising costs.  […]

The World Must Protect Vulnerable Food & Farm Workers Amidst Covid-19

3 Mins Read Food and farm workers have been called heroic essential workers amidst the pandemic, yet they continue to lack the protections they deserve to ensure their workplace safety. Leaving them in danger not only threatens their physical health, it threatens food security as a whole and we must step up to provide safety for those performing […]