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Ecovado Targets the Avocado Environmental Impact: Will Consumers Buy It?

2 Mins Read We all know what happened in February when the U.S. temporarily halted imports of avocados from Mexico just ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. Could a sustainable faux avocado be the answer to that and avocado environmental impact? Meet Ecovado. Made from a mixture of broad beans, hazelnuts, apples, and canola oil, a Central Saint Martins […]

Meet These 7 Food Techs Making Pig-Free Bacon A Reality

5 Mins Read When it comes to the foods that plant-based folk miss, bacon never fails to make it on the list. Let’s face it: who doesn’t love bacon? From topping maple syrup-covered pancakes, to making the perfect breakfast fry-up and simply being the irreplaceable B in the classic B.L.T. sandwich, it’s pretty much a consensus that we’re […]

The Week In Plant-Based: “NFPs” From Meatless Farms, Impossible Sausage Links, Vegan Butterbeer

5 Mins Read The latest initiative around food-focused non-fungible tokens (NFTs) comes courtesy of vegan meat brand Meatless Farm, which is currently offering fans a pea farm allotment through the tokens. Elsewhere, Impossible has launched new sausage links that “snap” like the real thing, and health-conscious Harry Potter fans are petitioning for vegan Butterbeer. UK: Meatless Farm launches […]

Mexico’s Micro Meat Launches To Offer Cultivated Meat Manufacturers A New Way To Scale

4 Mins Read Micro Meat, Mexico’s first cultivated meat startup, Micro Meat, has launched to offer key foundational tech for the growing cellular agriculture industry. The startup, which is based in Monterrey and co-founded by a tissue engineer and a space systems engineer, claims it is developing a proprietary scaffolding system that will revolutionise the cultivated meat sector, […]

The Week In Plant-Based: Impossible’s New Animal Nuggets, Grounded Foods Goes National, Chufa-Based Chocolate At Harrods Food Hall

5 Mins Read Startups around the world are now leveraging the power of chickpea protein to craft meat, egg, and dairy alternatives, and the latest to do so is a company out of Israel called CHKP Foods. Elsewhere in vegan news, iconic department store Harrods has new plant-based desserts and IHOP just unveiled a new breakfast sandwich that […]

Regulatory Approval For Alt-Protein, Report: The EU Faces ‘A Barrier,’ The US Is ‘Winning’

4 Mins Read A new report neatly summarizes the state of regulatory approvals for alternative protein products around the world in just a few pages.  Spain’s Amgen, which provides regulatory advice and consulting to companies working in the alternative protein space, recently unveiled a new report that tracks the status of alt-protein regulatory approvals in various parts of […]

The Week In Plant-Based: Singapore’s Top 50 Vegan Dishes, Plant-Based Pizza From Hell, The Search For Britain’s Greenest School Lunch

4 Mins Read It was another busy week for plant-based protein startups around the world. Perhaps most notably, UK-based Meatless Farms teamed up with the country’s youngest vegan chef to help more schools build healthier lunch menus. Elsewhere, v2food debuted menu items in Hell (Pizza, that is), and passionate diners in Singapore picked their top vegan dishes of […]

Voyage Foods: The Company Making Chocolate, Peanut Butter And Coffee Without Cacao, Peanuts or Labour Scandals

4 Mins Read Budding Californian CPG Voyage Foods has emerged from stealth development to announce the successful reverse engineering of certain favourite foods. The food tech is focussed on reproducing items considered unsustainable, allergen-heavy or vulnerable to supply issues, as the climate crisis worsens. So far it has created chocolate, peanut butter and coffee. Founder Adam Maxwell, formerly […]

The Week In Plant Based: Gaia’s Farming Co. Makes Hemp Milk Debut, Vegan Babybel In The US, Meatless Wings For The Super Bowl

5 Mins Read The vegan news never stops, and this week, in addition to covering the latest roundup of new plant-based alternative launches, we’re spotlighting on a brand-new company. UK-based biotech startup Gaia’s Farming Co. just launched with a new take on oat milk for British consumers. Across the Atlantic, Americans are gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday. […]

UK Makes First Tentative Step To Join The Global Sustainable Protein Race With Post-Brexit Report

3 Mins Read The U.K. Government has published a paper entitled ‘The Benefits of Brexit’. The 100-page report has included one six-line paragraph alluding to potential novel food regulation updates. A review of existing regulations appears underway based on the report. The food paragraph pledges the government will work with the Food Standards Agency to ‘update the process […]

The Week In Plant-Based: 2Foods Raises $4.4M For Healthy Junk Food, Vegan Pet Food Co. Wild Earth Nabs $10M, Oatly Ads Banned

4 Mins Read The vegan news never stops! Each week, the Green Queen team dives into the latest developments for plant-based foods around the world so you can catch up on what’s happening across the industry. This week, Japan’s 2Foods announced a Series A funding round for its “healthy junk food,” while vegan pet food brand Wild Earth secured […]

‘It’s Not About Overnight Results’: A New DEI Program Designed For Food Tech Leaders Wants Startups To Build Better, More Diverse Teams

4 Mins Read Vegan Women Summit (VWS) has announced a new leadership initiative, to be run alongside Black History Month. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Program is designed for key figures and leaders within the plant-based and food tech industries. The course will run through May 2022 with the intention of empowering businesses to create growth through […]