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Singapore Scientists Create Plant-Based Emulsifier To Supersede Eggs And Dairy

3 Mins Read Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has announced a plant-based breakthrough. A team of its scientists has successfully developed a protein and antioxidant-rich emulsifier. It is free from traditional eggs and dairy. Preliminary findings show it could replace animal products in relevant food products. Mayonnaise and whipped cream were given as examples.  The NTU emulsifier […]

These 9 Sustainable Startups Are Fixing Our Food System

5 Mins Read Who’s leading the way forward in fixing our food system? These nine startups are making big progress. Last year during the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, nine exciting Asia-based startups pitched their sustainable technologies aimed at building up our food system’s resilience to crises in the post-pandemic world. Without further ado, below is a round-up of […]

Hong Kong’s DayDayCook Launches New Food Tech Accelerator Program

3 Mins Read Digital publisher DayDayCook has announced plans to launch an accelerator program. The initiative will support food tech startups within Hong Kong. The Good Food Accelerator Program is designed to grow the food tech sector, bringing world-class products to market. It is powered by the Good Food Movement and endorsed by Cyberport. DayDayCook has selected eight […]

Slovenia’s Juicy Marbles Secures $4.5 Million To Develop Premium Vegan Steaks

3 Mins Read Slovenian startup Juicy Marbles has successfully completed a $4.5 seed round to scale its whole-cut vegan steak. Self-described as “fancy plant meat”, the Ljublijana-based company is zeroing in on the alt protein market to offer meat eaters an alternative to conventional premium prime cuts. The first product to be brought to market will be a […]

Sundial Foods Raises $4M for Whole Vegan Chicken Wings Made Entirely From Plants

3 Mins Read California-based Sundial Foods has raised $4 million in seed funding for its whole-cut vegan chicken wings slated to launch in the US in 2022. The round included participation from Nestlé, Food Labs, Clear Current Capital, and SOSV / IndieBio.  Sundial Foods is using a proprietary protein structuring tech to make plant-based meats without heavy processing […]

5 Signs That The Vegan Trend Is Hitting India In A Big Way

3 Mins Read While India is a country with a long history of vegetarianism, like many other countries that have undergone rapid urbanisation and population growth, the demand for animal protein has been on the steady rise. However, Indian consumers now seem to be making the shift towards plant-based – and here are some signs indicating that the […]

Singapore’s Temasek Launches Platform For Asia Alternative Protein Startups

4 Mins Read Temasek, the Singapore government-backed investment firm, has just established a new platform dedicated to scaling and commercialising sustainable foods and alternative proteins. Providing R&D advisory, pilot facilities and opening up manufacturing and investment support to food techs, the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform aims to tackle “friction-to-adoption” in the region. Temasek has launched the Asia Sustainable […]

Sustainable Protein and Automation To Shape Food Industry: New Trend Report

4 Mins Read In a new report, sustainable protein and automation were named two of the top five trends set to shape the future of the food industry. Researchers at DigitalFoodLab also highlighted resilient farms, retail efficiency, and personalised food as key “megatrends” for industry watchers to look out for.  There are going to be five “megatrends” that […]

Rebranded HEROTEIN Debuts Ready Meal Range, Partners with Mission Barns to Develop China’s First Hybrid Meat Products

3 Mins Read Shanghai, China-based HEROTEIN has entered into a strategic partnership with Mission Barns, a US-based cellular agriculture company currently developing cultivated animal fat. Through the partnership, the companies will work together to jointly develop hybrid plant- and cultivated meat products for China. HEROTEIN, which was founded in 2020 and officially entered the Chinese market this year […]