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7 Big Signals That Prove The End Of Fossil Fuels Is On The Horizon

4 Mins Read For years, climate scientists and environmental activists have been calling for the end of fossil fuels as the number one thing that must happen if we are to save the planet. They have fought tooth and nail to push back against the dirty energy industry’s billion-dollar efforts to spread disinformation and sow public doubt over […]

BP Using Low-Carbon Transition Fund Cash For Fossil Fuels Tech, Investigation Finds

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP is spending money from its “low carbon transition” fund on companies that are developing novel ways to find and use fossil fuels, according to an investigation by Greenpeace U.K.’s journalism team Unearthed. The findings casts even greater doubt on the authenticity of BP’s already dubious claims about greening its operations.  An […]

A Look At The Oil Industry’s Favourite Climate Solutions

9 Mins Read By: Justin Mikulka  Shell recently announced plans to “stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by 2050,” a move hailed by some as a major step towards addressing climate change. Around the same time, however, the oil and gas major confirmed it would go ahead with its investment in a joint $6.4 billion gas project in Australia. This approach of saying one thing […]

Japan’s Climate Plan Remains Unchanged Despite Rapid Global Heating

3 Mins Read Japan has recently published its plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions under their Paris Agreement commitments ahead of the United Nations climate talks this year, but it has been attacked by environmentalists who criticise the proposals as well behind what is necessary to limit global temperature rise. It comes as a number of activists fear […]

Human-Caused Methane Emissions Have Been Severely Underestimated

3 Mins Read New research has emerged finding that methane emissions, the second largest anthropogenic contributor to global heating, has been vastly underestimated. While the data shows methane emissions may contribute a larger part to the total driver of the climate crisis, the good news is that reducing emissions from those methane-emitting human activities, such as fossil fuel […]

Big Oil BP Pledges Net Zero By 2050 But No Plans To End Fossil Fuels

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP has just said they will try to cancel out all its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – all the while continuing to pump out fossil fuels. In an announcement by new CEO Bernard Looney, the corporation shared they are committing to a net zero goal by 2050, but have laid out […]

Japan To Build 22 New Coal Power Plants, Blatantly Ignoring Climate Risk

4 Mins Read Perhaps one of the most damaging consequences a decade after the haunting Fukushima nuclear disaster forced Japan to close all but one of their nuclear power programs, the country is now planning to build up to 22 new coal-burning facilities within the next five years. This is receiving backlash from both residents who live near […]

Positive Energy Accelerates Renewables Investment With Asia’s First Financing Platform

3 Mins Read Singapore-based startup Positive Energy Ltd. is a renewable energy finance platform that digitalises and simplifies green investments. Through blockchain technology, the startup is making the sourcing, funding and trading of small to mid-sized clean energy assets more accessible, faster, and economically viable for all parties involved. In the midst of our escalating global climate crisis, […]

Japan To Transform Fukushima Into Renewable Hub, But Activists Skeptical

3 Mins Read The northeast region of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan is set to become the country’s renewable energy hub. The latest project, which is sponsored by the state-owned Development Bank of Japan and Mizuho Bank, seeks to transform Fukushima, the scene of the triple meltdown of the nuclear power plant in 2011, into a centre that will […]

Goldman Sachs Stops Funding Arctic Oil Drilling Due To The Climate Crisis

3 Mins Read In a new environmental policy announcement, Goldman Sachs has ruled out any future financing for oil drilling or exploration activities in the Arctic, citing the scientific consensus on the climate crisis as their key reason. Currently, the banking industry at large continues to underwrite global warming. Environmentalists are hoping that the move will pressure other […]