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Climate Research Shouldn’t Be Funded by Fossil Fuel Companies

4 Mins Read The oil and gas industry uses universities to influence environmental policy. Here’s how we fight back. By Ilana Cohen and Jake Lowe As student organizers, we’ve seen the power of divestment come to bear by helping secure historic commitments from our universities—including the world’s richest school, Harvard​​—to sever their endowments from the companies driving climate breakdown. Yet at the […]

Shifting Asia-Pacific Away From Fossil Fuels ‘Essential’, Says UN Deputy Secretary-General

3 Mins Read A shift away from fossil fuels, especially coal, particularly in Asia-Pacific countries is essential, U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said during the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development on Monday in Bangkok. “Moving away from coal and fossil fuels in a region that accounts for 75 percent of global coal-fired generation capacity will not be easy. […]

Pollution from Fossil Fuels Increase Infertility Rates for Men and Women, Study Finds

2 Mins Read Fossil fuel pollution is putting our future in jeopardy by contributing to climate change. But scientists say there’s another risk factor, too: increased infertility rates.  According to a new study published in the journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology, childbirth rates have been declining for the last half-century, overlapping with the beginning of the Industrial Age. The […]

7 Big Signals That Prove The End Of Fossil Fuels Is On The Horizon

4 Mins Read For years, climate scientists and environmental activists have been calling for the end of fossil fuels as the number one thing that must happen if we are to save the planet. They have fought tooth and nail to push back against the dirty energy industry’s billion-dollar efforts to spread disinformation and sow public doubt over […]

Global Energy Decarbonisation Spending Tops US$500 Billion In 2020

4 Mins Read The world spent more than US$500 billion on decarbonisation in 2020, according to new statistics. Released by BloombergNEF (BNEF), the report tracked global investment into the clean energy transition and found that decarbonisation spending jumped 9% year-on-year despite the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.  A new report released by Bloomberg’s energy research arm BNEF […]

U.N. Secretary-General Says Wealthy Nations Need To Cough Up US$100 Billion To Reach Global Climate Goals

3 Mins Read Meeting the pledge by developed countries to mobilize at least US$100 billion a year to support developing countries in mitigating and adapting to climate change, lagging even before the COVID-19 pandemic, requires urgent action, according to a new report by independent experts released today by the United Nations. Since economic distress is now acute, and […]

Oil Industry Is Waging Price War Against Recycled Plastics Amid Pandemic Demand Boom

4 Mins Read With the coronavirus pandemic fuelling the demand for plastics, from face shields to packaging used for online shopping deliveries, oil industry players are taking advantage and starting a price war between new plastics that they manufacture against recycled plastics. Across the world, statistics are also showing that recyclers are losing the battle too, putting the […]

Limitless Clean Nuclear Fusion Energy Could Soon Become A Reality

3 Mins Read We’re not far away from seeing the world’s first nuclear fusion reactor, according to the latest series of papers showcasing the progress that researchers have made. Called SPARC, the compact fusion reactor could be the precursor to a practical emissions-free power plant and holds enormous potential to facilitate the much-needed transition away from fossil fuels.  […]