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Eat Just Debuts Plant-Based Egg Jianbing With Street Vendors Across Shanghai

4 Mins Read Eat Just is rolling out a new Shanghai guide showcasing street vendors across the city who are serving 100% vegan versions of jianbing, the most popular street-style breakfast foods in China, made with the food tech’s famous plant-based JUST Egg. It marks the second campaign launched by the startup’s Future Food Studio in Shanghai, the […]

Eat JUST Has Sold The Plant-Based Equivalent Of 50 Million Eggs

3 Mins Read Eat JUST, the food tech behind the famous plant-based egg known simply as JUST, has just announced that as of August this year, it has sold the equivalent of more than 50 million eggs. The brand’s vegan eggs are made from mung beans, and comes with a far smaller environmental footprint than conventional animal protein […]

Eat JUST Announces New Frozen Plant-Based Egg Launch

3 Mins Read Eat JUST, the food tech startup behind plant-based JUST Egg and widely known as JUST, has just announced that they will be launching a new frozen version available for retail this April. The announcement follows the company’s rapid sales growth globally and its aggressive international expansion into Asia – the region with a massive market […]