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Japan’s Climate Plan Remains Unchanged Despite Rapid Global Heating

3 Mins Read Japan has recently published its plans to tackle greenhouse gas emissions under their Paris Agreement commitments ahead of the United Nations climate talks this year, but it has been attacked by environmentalists who criticise the proposals as well behind what is necessary to limit global temperature rise. It comes as a number of activists fear […]

Japan To Build 22 New Coal Power Plants, Blatantly Ignoring Climate Risk

4 Mins Read Perhaps one of the most damaging consequences a decade after the haunting Fukushima nuclear disaster forced Japan to close all but one of their nuclear power programs, the country is now planning to build up to 22 new coal-burning facilities within the next five years. This is receiving backlash from both residents who live near […]

Japan To Transform Fukushima Into Renewable Hub, But Activists Skeptical

3 Mins Read The northeast region of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan is set to become the country’s renewable energy hub. The latest project, which is sponsored by the state-owned Development Bank of Japan and Mizuho Bank, seeks to transform Fukushima, the scene of the triple meltdown of the nuclear power plant in 2011, into a centre that will […]