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Why Is Germany’s Love Affair With Meat And Dairy Cooling?

5 Mins Read A new report claims that Germany’s citizens are reducing meat and dairy intake in record numbers. The question is, what has spurred this change of heart? Germany has long been a country associated with meat-eating. Beer and brats, schnapps and schnitzels—there is a heritage for rich meats that seemed hard to overcome. ProVeg International, using […]

World’s First Plant-Based Burger King Opens Doors As Flexitarianism Goes Mainstream

3 Mins Read The world’s first-ever meat-free Burger King outlet has opened doors in Cologne, Germany this week, amid surging mainstream demand for plant-based food as consumers adopt flexitarian eating habits for environmental, ethical and health reasons. The restaurant, open from June 7 to June 11, has teamed up with The Vegetarian Butcher to serve meatless Whoppers, vegan […]

German Meat Production Fell In 2020, While Plant-Based Manufacturing Soared

3 Mins Read Germany decreased its animal meat production, but vegan meat manufacturing grew, new data shows. Over 2020, the total value of meat production in the country fell by 4%, while its plant-based counterparts saw its value grow double-digits, fuelled by mass consumer demand for sustainable and healthier alternatives.  Animal meat manufacturing in Germany took a 4% […]