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This German Startup Has Made A Slaughter-Free Schnitzel To Break With Convention But Maintain Tradition

3 Mins Read Alife Foods has unveiled its first cultivated meat prototype, a schnitzel (breaded cutlet) made in collaboration with LabFarmFoods and the Fuchs Group. The product is currently undergoing taste trials and sensory evaluations. The company hopes to present a fully realised prototype to investors by year-end and become known as the ‘cultured schnitzel company’ after releasing […]

Veganz And Aramark Partner Up To Bring Sustainable Catering To Sporting Events And Corporate Sectors

3 Mins Read Berlin’s Veganz has signed a long-term cooperative agreement with food service provider Aramark. The partnership will see Veganz vegan products used across the whole Aramark business model. Increased vegan options throughout sports, events, and corporate sectors are being targeted by the move.  Neu-Isenburg-headquartered Aramark has committed to a sustainability strategy that includes increasing its vegan […]

German Meat Production Fell In 2020, While Plant-Based Manufacturing Soared

3 Mins Read Germany decreased its animal meat production, but vegan meat manufacturing grew, new data shows. Over 2020, the total value of meat production in the country fell by 4%, while its plant-based counterparts saw its value grow double-digits, fuelled by mass consumer demand for sustainable and healthier alternatives.  Animal meat manufacturing in Germany took a 4% […]

Young Consumers Willing To Spend More On Meat-Free & Sustainably-Packaged Products, New Survey Shows

3 Mins Read A new survey by German sustainable development company Utopia confirms that younger consumers are more willing to spend on eco-friendly products and are becoming increasingly critical of unsustainable mass consumption. With the majority of younger shoppers opting for meat-free and sustainably packaged products more than ever before to reduce their individual footprint, companies will find […]

Eco Insights: 4 Reasons To Invest In a Green Roof

2 Mins Read Green roofs are pretty trendy in the green community. Thanks to pro-green roof urban planners like the previous mayor of Chicago Richard Daley, whose green roof initiatives ensured that his city was the undisputed green roof pioneer in the US or countries like Germany where 10% of the entire country’s roofs are covered in vegetation, […]