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India’s Plant-Based Pioneer GoodDot Is Going Global, From South Africa To Canada

4 Mins Read Indian plant-based startup GoodDot is taking its line of animal-free alternative meat products and vegan meals global, forging distribution partnerships across the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa. GoodDot is set to launch in multiple international markets in the coming months amidst the surging demand for plant-based products.  Founded in 2016, GoodDot quickly rose […]

Why India Urgently Needs A Sustainable Protein Revolution

6 Mins Read India will become the most populous country, the largest economy and experience the greatest rise in meat consumption. We need to think more about how India will eat meat in the next 30 years and what that means for the global food system and our environment. I recently completed an internship at GoodDot, India’s largest plant-based […]