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INTERVIEW: Green Queen Heroes – Chef Peggy Chan of Grassroots Pantry

4 Mins Read We are so excited to present our brand new series: Hong Kong Green Heroes! We will be showcasing the talented and relentless individuals who are helping to make our hometown a greener, cleaner, kinder place to live and giving us eco warriors more accessible options! In our inaugural interview, Chef Peggy Chan shares herself with […]

Green Queen Recommends: An Update on HK’s Eco Foodie Scene

2 Mins Read Happy New Year to all Green Hong Kongers! May your 2013 be filled with joy, good health and as a green as possible! Just a quick update on some fantastic new additions to the locavore, raw and organic Hong Kong foodie scene. If you haven’t been to Grassroots Pantry, it’s time to pencil it in. […]

Green Queen Loves: HK Recycles

< 1 Min     Attention ALL Hong Kong residents who don’t recycle. Which is most of you. Yeah, yeah, we have heard every excuse. ‘There are no recycling bins in my building.’ ‘I don’t have time.’ ‘I don’t know how to recycle.’ Well here is the fool-proof solution: sign up to HK Recycles, a brand new social […]

Organic Mooncakes? Green Queen went searching for you…

< 1 Min Organic mooncakes are not easy to find- only 1 place stocks them: Just Green! Green Dot Dot do have some low-sugar and vegetarian/vegan options but only Just Green is selling the real deal: organic and dairy-free. They are made by from ingredients sourced at Just Green itself.   This Lantern Festival, eat clean! Visit Just […]