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Consumers Want Climate Apps & Footprint Labels To Help Them Live Sustainably, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read Consumers are searching for tech-forward innovations and environmental footprint labels on products to help them adapt to a sustainable lifestyle, a recent survey shows. Among some of the digital solutions cited as helpful include apps that help shoppers make greener purchasing decisions and platforms measuring personal carbon footprints, while government legislation to push businesses to […]

Cruelty-Free Fashion: 6 Vegan Handbag Brands We Love

3 Mins Read With the growing popularity of fashionable vegan products in Asia, conscious consumers are demanding animal-friendly alternatives for every apparel and accessory they own. The plant-based fashion industry is doing its best to come up with new, alternative materials too, in a move away from the more traditionally-used PVC, a type of hard to recycle plastic […]

The Ultimate Plant-Based Watch Guide – Our 20 Picks For Vegan Friendly Time

8 Mins Read Living a vegan lifestyle is getting easier day by day as consumers are getting more environmentally conscious, which further motivates brands and makers to create more eco-friendly products. Watches have been a space without much innovation on the planet-forward side in the past, but all that has changed as a new generation of watchmakers rises […]

5 Easy Steps to a Greener Office

2 Mins Read Want to play your part for the environment but don’t know how? Don’t have time to focus too much on making your working environment more eco-friendly?  Check out these 5 tips below for easy suggestions to green your workplace. No hefty green consultant fee necessary! No Printing Have an eco-friendly paperless day. Ask all employees […]

Save the World: Start Cycling or 8 Reasons to Be a Bike Cult Convert

3 Mins Read Save the World: Start Cycling or 8 Reasons to Be a Bike Cult Convert Advocating urban cycling is hardly revolutionary. It’s common sense for most of us that cycling is environmentally friendly and just plain good for Planet Mother Earth. For argument’s sake, and because we love any sustainable movement and because we wanted to […]

Green Queen Recommends: An Update on HK’s Eco Foodie Scene

2 Mins Read Happy New Year to all Green Hong Kongers! May your 2013 be filled with joy, good health and as a green as possible! Just a quick update on some fantastic new additions to the locavore, raw and organic Hong Kong foodie scene. If you haven’t been to Grassroots Pantry, it’s time to pencil it in. […]

The Perfect Eco Date: Shing Mun Reservoir

4 Mins Read Hong Kong haze getting you down? Sick of breathing recycled air? Looking for some beautiful panoramas? Want to get chased by monkeys and watch cattle grazing? If so, plan a visit to Shing Mun Reservoir and Country Park. Just a short ride from Tsuen Wan MTR, enjoy one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful hikes. Circling […]

Wednesday Word Day: Energy Vampire

< 1 Min Today’s word is: energy vampire /ˈɛnədʒɪ ˈvæmpaɪə/ This term is used to describe electrical and electronic appliances that continue to use up electricity and/or remain in standby mode even after they have been switched off and are no longer performing their primary function. Ususally they tend to be appliances that have a) remote controls, b) continuous digital […]

Great Ideas to Stop Wasting Food

3 Mins Read Millions of human beings still don’t have enough to eat and famines continue to be a serious risk in many parts of the world. And yet, the wastage of food is a massive problem in developed countries. Buying too many groceries, forgetting what’s in the pantry and buying the same ingredients twice, going out to […]

Wednesday Word Day: Composting

< 1 Min It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Today’s word is: composting /ˈkɒmpɒstɪŋ/ a method of allowing organic (plant-based) matter from kitchen and yard waste to decompose naturally, the by-product of which is a mineral-rich reusable soil-like substance; the recycling of decayed organic (plant-based) waste into soil enricher, resurfacing material or mulch. While composting is now enjoying […]

How To Candy-Negotiate With Your Kids on Halloween

3 Mins Read I grew up in the USA and while I don’t adhere to everything that’s “made in America, ” Americans do win hands down when it comes to celebrating holidays. Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween! You name it and they know how to celebrate it! I get quite nostalgic thinking about my daughter growing up in […]

Wednesday Word Day: Upcycling

< 1 Min It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Today’s word is: upcycling (ʌpˈsʌɪklɪŋ), verb to convert discarded, old and/or previously used items/waste into new materials of greater quality and/or environmental quality; creatively re-crafting ordinary items/objects in order to transform them into design and/or art pieces. 

10 Reasons to Adopt Green Halloween

2 Mins Read In a earlier post, Green Queen introduced the Green Halloween movement. We simply love it! Here, 10 reasons why Green Halloween is the right choice  for your body and for the planet. Or, 10 facts to spout to your friends and family when they ask why you are joining Green Halloween! 1) Processed candy is […]

Make Meatless Mondays Part of Your Life

2 Mins Read New week, new health habit? Do you find yourself making promises to yourself on Sunday night about certain health habits you need to improve? Do you vow to cut out sugar/coffee/gluten? Do you pre-pack your gym bag, swearing to yourself that this week, you WILL become a Body Pump regular? Why set yourself up for […]

The 411 On The Green Halloween Movement

2 Mins Read It’s that time of the year again. Pumpkins and skeletons seem to pop up everywhere. Supermarkets are pushing sweets, candies and chocolates. Party invites flood your inbox. You feel compelled to dress up in strange costumes. It’s Halloween of course. The one day a year we encourage kids to stuff their little faces with sugar-filled […]

5 Easy & Cheap Ways to Green Your Home

2 Mins Read Going green can be overwhelming, seem impossible and appear to require a massive time and money investment to start with. Not so. Green Queen dishes out 5 easy, wallet-friendly suggestions for greening your home ASAP. Enjoy!