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Athletic Greens, Valued At $1.2 Billion, Is a Unicorn In More Ways Than One

4 Mins Read The Covid pandemic elevated the already-booming health food and supplements categories to new heights. With its recent $115 million raise, Athletic Greens, the subscription-based green powder that boasts 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in a single serving, has catapulted itself to the top of the pile. Athletic Greens is now valued at more […]

Hong Kong’s Best Detox & Cleanse Programs 2016

9 Mins Read Do you need a restart health-wise? The holidays are a period of excess and poor habits. Come January, many of us need a boost when it comes to our bodies: our digestive systems need a break from heavy fatty & fried foods, our livers need a detox from all the drinking and our minds need sleep […]

How To Detox Every Day – Easy Tips Everyone Can Follow

4 Mins Read Almost everyday I get asked: “If I should do just one thing to be healthy, what should it be?”Each month, I send you one of my answers. We love to detox – a juice cleanse, the maple syrup diet & cabbage soup diet (urgh); you name it, we will go to any lengths to ‘kick start’ […]

Clean Eating: Stocking a Healthy Fridge & Pantry

3 Mins Read Karin Reiter, nutritionist extraordinaire and founder of Nutritious n Delicious, has so many fans that her Hong Kong classes about nutrition and healthy eating are always sold out! We love her style and how easy she makes it for moms on the go and busy families to make clean food choices. We are so excited […]