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With Greenwashing Crackdowns, H&M, Decathlon Retract Eco Statements

3 Mins Read As authorities crack down on greenwashing, frequent offenders H&M and Decathlon say they’re adjusting or removing sustainability claims. In recent announcements, both fast fashion brand H&M and sportswear retailer Decathlon said they will be more clear in their consumer communications about sustainability metrics. The announcements follow a report by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and […]

Dutch Airline KLM Sued Over Misleading Sustainability Claims

4 Mins Read Dutch carrier KLM’s recent advertising campaign, entitled ‘Fly Responsibly’ has caught the eye of climate activists, resulting in a lawsuit over perceived greenwashing brought against the airline. ClientEarth legal experts are supporting Fossielvrij NL, a Netherlands-based environmental campaign group, to sue KLM.  Central to the case is an accusation of misleading information regarding the sustainability […]

London Startup Raises $5 Million To Progress ‘Transparency Tech’ In Fight Against Greenwashing

3 Mins Read Provenance, a sustainability marketing tech outfit based in London, has announced the closure of a $5 million investment round. Led by Working Capital Innovation Fund and NordicEye, other participants included musician Peter Gabriel, The Brandtech group, and Digital Currency Group. The investment will be used to continue software development of Provenance’s flagship e-commerce platform that confirms […]

How Changing Markets Foundation Disrupted London Fashion Week With Its Virtual Launderette: Everything Comes Out In The (Green)Wash

4 Mins Read Changing Markets Foundation Launched a new website during London Fashion Week, held last month. The virtual computer game-style site shines a light on greenwashing and outs major offenders, via a virtual laundrette. The stunt was supported by Extinction Rebellion, People Tree founder Safia Minney and climate campaigner Bel Jacobs. follows on from Changing Market’s […]

Greenwashing Fashion Brands Under Fire As UK Regulation Comes In

3 Mins Read Misleading eco claims from U.K. fashion brands are set to be punished. Those found flouting consumer protection law will be liable for revised advertising costs and potential court action. The move is being made to prevent inaccurate and false environmental claims. The fashion industry has been chosen for greenwashing investigations due to its global scale […]

New Survey Reveals That 53% Of Consumers Can’t Identify Greenwashing Claims On Product Packaging

3 Mins Read Research conducted by consumer rights group Euroconsumers has highlighted a knowledge gap when it comes to verifying true green claims versus greenwashing. The survey was conducted via a self-administered questionnaire in 2021 in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Findings are representative of the general populations, spanning ages 18-74.  Consumer trust in green claims is low. […]

New Data Shows Rampant Greenwashing In Sustainable Finance, With ESG Funds ‘Stuffed’ Full OF Fossil Fuel Stocks

3 Mins Read As sustainable investing gains momentum, more funds touting themselves as “green” are misleading investors. According to a report published by the Economist, some of the world’s biggest ESG funds are “stuffed full of polluters and sin stocks”, suggesting widespread greenwashing practices in the realm of sustainable finance.  Sustainable investing has been steadily gaining momentum globally, […]

Over Half Of World’s Largest Companies Won’t Make Net-Zero Goal By 2050, Report Finds

4 Mins Read More than half of the world’s biggest companies are making their net-zero transition too slowly to meet the 2050 deadline, a new report finds. The analysis, which examines carbon neutral financing, points to inadequate investment into the transition as the primary barrier, particularly from carbon-intensive industries and emerging markets.  A new study has found that […]

‘Green’ Claims Are Fake, Potentially Illegal: New EU Study Says E-Stores Rife With Greenwashing

4 Mins Read According to a recent study of online shops and traders by the European Union and national consumer protection authorities, ‘greenwashing’ is quite common in online stores meaning that several of the ‘green’ claims on companies’ websites are exaggerated, false, and potentially illegal. A recent study conducted by a group of EU consumer authorities showed that […]

BP Using Low-Carbon Transition Fund Cash For Fossil Fuels Tech, Investigation Finds

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP is spending money from its “low carbon transition” fund on companies that are developing novel ways to find and use fossil fuels, according to an investigation by Greenpeace U.K.’s journalism team Unearthed. The findings casts even greater doubt on the authenticity of BP’s already dubious claims about greening its operations.  An […]

Burger King’s Mouldy Whopper Ad: Another Case Of Nutrition-Washing?

4 Mins Read Burger King recently announced that the company is removing preservatives from its Whoppers – and debuted an ad featuring a 34-day old disgustingly moldy burger ad just to prove it. To the joy of the fast food chain’s genius marketers, “The Moldy Whopper” ad quickly went viral online, garnering both praise and criticism, though mainly […]

Big Oil BP Pledges Net Zero By 2050 But No Plans To End Fossil Fuels

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP has just said they will try to cancel out all its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – all the while continuing to pump out fossil fuels. In an announcement by new CEO Bernard Looney, the corporation shared they are committing to a net zero goal by 2050, but have laid out […]