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Greenwashing In Fashion Is On The Rise, Here’s How To Spot It

7 Mins Read By: Durva Simone Bose Greenwashing in fashion is on the rise. Learn more about what it means and how you can tell the difference between a genuinely conscious brand and and one that is just ‘performing’ sustainability. There’s been an increasing amount of buzz around the terms ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘natural’, in everything from fashion […]

BP Using Low-Carbon Transition Fund Cash For Fossil Fuels Tech, Investigation Finds

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP is spending money from its “low carbon transition” fund on companies that are developing novel ways to find and use fossil fuels, according to an investigation by Greenpeace U.K.’s journalism team Unearthed. The findings casts even greater doubt on the authenticity of BP’s already dubious claims about greening its operations.  An […]

Burger King’s Mouldy Whopper Ad: Another Case Of Nutrition-Washing?

4 Mins Read Burger King recently announced that the company is removing preservatives from its Whoppers – and debuted an ad featuring a 34-day old disgustingly moldy burger ad just to prove it. To the joy of the fast food chain’s genius marketers, “The Moldy Whopper” ad quickly went viral online, garnering both praise and criticism, though mainly […]

Big Oil BP Pledges Net Zero By 2050 But No Plans To End Fossil Fuels

3 Mins Read Multinational oil giant BP has just said they will try to cancel out all its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – all the while continuing to pump out fossil fuels. In an announcement by new CEO Bernard Looney, the corporation shared they are committing to a net zero goal by 2050, but have laid out […]

#Bye2019 – What We Learned This Year About Consumer Trends

2 Mins Read As consumers are becoming increasingly aware about ethics, the environment and health, their decisions are undergoing change. This is in turn driving businesses to alter their tactics. Here is what we learned this year about consumer trends through these 8 studies. 1. Carbon Emission Food Labels Work Food labels that show the carbon footprint can […]

Air New Zealand Trials Edible Cups As Search For Footprint-Free Coffee Cups Heats Up

3 Mins Read Air New Zealand is now trialling an edible biscotti coffee cup made by family-run startup Twiice on select flights and lounges in a bid to make their operations more eco-friendly. The “zero-waste” move comes at a time when consumers are asking for sustainable alternatives amid awareness builds regarding environmental impact of single-use disposable cups, and […]

IN PHOTOS: Student Climate Strikes Sweep Across Asia – As It Happened

4 Mins Read Youth in Asia and the Pacific went on strike for the planet this past Friday September 20 2019, part of 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg ‘Fridays For Future’ campaign, to demand climate justice. Millions took to the streets as students from all over the world joined in the third internationally coordinated Global Climate Strike […]

Student Climate Strikes Across Asia: “There Is No Planet B”

4 Mins Read For months, millions of young climate activists around the world have been taking to the streets on Fridays to demand governmental action on our planet’s most urgent issue: climate change. Ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit, today’s 20th September protest marks the third general strike for the climate, as a part of the […]

Amazon India To Ditch Single-Use Plastic Packaging By 2020

2 Mins Read Multinational online retail giant Amazon recently announced that their India operation will phase out all single-use disposable plastic packaging by June 2020. This move follows multiple strides taken by corporations to ditch plastic and reduce their environmental impact, in line with the Indian government’s fight against pollution. In response to consumer criticism about the overuse […]

Starbucks Debuts Stand Alone Teavana Concept Stores in Hong Kong Amidst Health & Green Push

3 Mins Read Starbucks has recently launched Teavana-forward outlets in Hong Kong this summer, featuring open designs, botanical touches and brand new flavours. This comes alongside a number of green initiatives that the coffee-chain giant have also begun to push in the city, including a collaboration with collapsible mug company Stojo and ditching plastic items. Starbucks’ shift towards […]

The Truth Behind Hong Kong’s Financial District & Climate Injustice

3 Mins Read New research by the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA) has explored the mostly hidden links between Hong Kong’s financial district and global environmental damage. Finding a connection between the physical financial spaces in the city and climate change events, the research group aims to present their findings in a virtual web documentary called Market Landscape. […]

Sustainability Matters: What Does The Word Sustainability Even Mean?

4 Mins Read Our new columnist Rebecca Walker Chan, founder of SouthPaw Sustainability Consulting is one of Hong Kong’s foremost sustainability experts, advising some of the city’s biggest MNCs, as well as startups and SMEs, on ESG reporting and how to implement sustainability strategically within their organisation. In her monthly Green Queen column, she will dive deep into […]

Eco Insights: What is Greenwashing?

2 Mins Read An important term for any concerned eco citizen, greenwashing was coined in 1986 by Jay Westervelt, an environmentalist from New York who wrote an essay about the hotel industry’s misleading practice of leaving cards in guest bathrooms asking its clients to be more environmentally minded and save water by re-using towels and linens. He argued […]

Wednesday Word Day: Greenwashing

< 1 Min It’s Wednesday Word Day at Green Queen! Every Wednesday, Green Queen is going to post a new eco word/phrase and its definition in the hopes that we can all improve our green vocabulary. Eventually these entries will add up to create Green Queen’s very own Green Glossary. Happy Learning! Today’s word is: greenwashing (ˈɡriːnˌwɒʃɪŋ), verb