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New Canada Guidelines First To Approach Obesity As Chronic Disease

3 Mins Read New guidelines published in Canada are challenging the conventional treatment of obesity and urging doctors to approach the health problem as a complex chronic illness, rather than a weight loss issue. These guidelines on obesity management are believed to be the first of its kind in the world.  Published on Tuesday (August 4) by Obesity […]

#CopingWithCorona: 32 Ideas For Struggling Chefs, Restaurants & F&B Operators

6 Mins Read The coronavirus (or Covid-19) is now a global pandemic of epic proportions. Entire countries are on lockdown. Air travel is grinding to an almost halt. Working from home is the new norm. Over half a billion children are out of school. Financial markets are crashing like they haven’t in decades. Businesses are STRUGGLING badly. And […]

Forget Salt, Sugar And Oil: Are Ultra-Processed Foods To Blame For Obesity?

4 Mins Read While nutritional science has pointed to overconsumption of fats and carbohydrates as the cause for obesity, new research now finds that “ultra-processed foods” or UPFs – instant, long shelf-life convenient foods that have undergone significant processing – is the bigger culprit. After decades of research finding an association between UTPs and obesity, the latest research […]