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Vegetable Fat Lowers Stroke Risk, Animal Fat Increases It: New Study

3 Mins Read New research suggests that the type of fat matters when it comes to its impact on cardiovascular health.  According to a new study, it’s not just about the amount of fat consumed in one’s diet, but where this fat comes from when it comes to heart health. While vegetable fat could decrease the risk of […]

Vegetarians Score Better Health Biomarkers Than Meat-Eaters, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read Researchers have found that people who are vegetarian have a healthier biomarker profile compared to meat-eating folk. The British study’s findings, presented at the recent virtual European Congress on Obesity (ECO), is consistent despite age and weight factors and crucially, is unaffected by smoking and alcohol consumption.  University of Glasgow researchers have found a consistent […]

A*STAR & Pinduoduo Announce First Asia-Based Research On Human Health Impact Of Plant-Based Protein

4 Mins Read A new research collaboration has formed between Chinese agri-food tech firm Pinduoduo and the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI), part of the government’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). The joint study will focus specifically on the impact of novel plant-based meat on human health with quantifiable data comparing the nutritional […]