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Global Temperatures To Rise To Levels Not Seen In 50 Million Years By 2300

3 Mins Read Researchers have found that under the business-as-usual scenario, by 2300, the planet will see global temperatures reach a level that hasn’t been seen in 50 million years. Scientists compiled a climate record on Earth extending up to 66 million years into the past, the first time this has been done. Published in the peer-reviewed journal […]

Yes, The Rise In Forest Fires & Climate Change Are Connected, No Matter What The Skeptics’ Say

5 Mins Read By: Joan Conrow As wildfires blaze throughout the American West, climate change skeptics are downplaying both their devastating impact on forests and the role of rising global temperatures in sparking infernos. This point of view was expressed in a piece published this week by Michael Shellenberger, an environmental activist and writer whose new publications seek to minimize the […]

Climate Chaos: Extreme Heat, Wildfires and Record-Setting Storms Suggest A Frightening Future Is Already Here

8 Mins Read By: Jeff Barardelli From the historic heat wave and wildfires in the West, to the massive derecho that tore through the middle of the nation, to the record-breaking pace of this year’s hurricane season, the unprecedented and concurrent extreme conditions resemble the chaotic climate future scientists have been warning us about for decades — only it’s happening […]

Should We Name Heat Waves Like We Name Hurricanes?

6 Mins Read By: Jeff Barardelli If asked to recall a hurricane, odds are you’d immediately invoke memorable names like Sandy, Katrina or Harvey. You’d probably even remember something specific about the impact of the storm. But if asked to recall a heat wave, a vague recollection that it was hot during your last summer vacation may be […]