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Trail-Running: How To Run Injury-Free Across The City And Beyond

4 Mins Read In our Corona times, when so many of us have suddenly become either dedicated runners or master chefs, it’s easy to get over-enthusiastic about our new hobbies and end up in trouble. And while our mistakes in the kitchen can cost us a few wasted products (or perhaps a cut finger), running related mistakes can […]

Hong Kong’s Best Running Trails: Long, Flat, Incline & Beginners

5 Mins Read It can be easy to forget about Hong Kong’s sub-tropical paradise when you’re getting your hustle on in Asia’s most cosmopolitan city streets. But runners in the know regularly retreat to lush jungles and rollicking reservoirs to run with great abandon right in their HK backyard. Hitting the smooth gravel, dirt, or wood chip path, the terrain and […]