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Asian Conservation Groups Join Global Coalition To Protect All Aquatic Animals

2 Mins Read Several major conservation groups in Asia have joined the Coalition for Aquatic Conservation (CAC), a global movement led by the Aquatic Life Institute dedicated to protecting and improving the welfare of all aquatic animals. With most of the world’s aquaculture production and fishing fleets situated in Asia, the participation from the region’s conservation groups is […]

INTERVIEW: The “Shark Lady” Andrea Richey On An Uphill Shark-Saving Battle

5 Mins Read We recently sat down with the Andrea Richey, Education Director of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF), fondly known as the city’s “Shark Lady”. Richey has been at the forefront of leading shark conservation in Hong Kong, and inspiring younger generations to join the global fight to protect our planet’s beautiful creatures. In this interview […]