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How To Break Up With Your Phone: Solutions For A Healthier Digital Life

5 Mins Read How often do you find yourself giving in to digital distractions? We’re all guilty of wasting time on social media when we should be working, playing rounds of Candy Crush when we should be studying, felt our self-esteem plummeting whilst scrolling through impossible Insta abs or feeding into our FOMO as we troll seemingly perfect destinations […]

Self-Care Is Not Optional: Why You Need To Take Time Out For Yourself

5 Mins Read Growing up, my mother was (and still very much is) my queen. I idolized her (and still do). She was beautiful, vivacious and had this “hustle hard” mentality that I adopted early on in life. She hardly went on holidays and was defined by her business. I loved her #bossbitch attitude and wanted to be […]

What Is A Digital Detox And Why Do You Need One? The Rise Of Social Media & FOMO

4 Mins Read Last year, a captivating animated music video made by artist/illustrator Steve Cutts and Moby & the Void Pacific Choir went viral about society’s increasing dependence on technology. A monochrome Max Fleishman-inspired animation, the short three minute clip paints a disturbing portrait of a boy navigating a cellphone-addicted world with images we are all too familiar […]

Green Queen Heroes: Anita Cheung of i-Detox

9 Mins Read Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I come from a background in the fashion industry. After 13 years, I wanted a change and retrained. In 2005,  I completed the program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and became a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach and advocate. I’ve since been trained […]