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Environmental & Health Concerns Sparked By Tear Gas Use In Hong Kong

4 Mins Read In recent weeks, Hong Kong residents and visitors have become worried about potential dioxin poisoning, as concerns continue to mount about the effects of an estimated 10,000 rounds of tear gas being fired across the city since June. Prompted by the multiple reports of animal casualties and health complications in children, members of the Hong […]

PRAISE-HK: New HKUST App Helps Hong Kongers Reduce Air Pollution Exposure

3 Mins Read A new app developed by the Institute for the Environment under the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) has recently launched to enable the public to make more informed choices that reduce their personal exposure to outdoor air pollution. The phone app, dubbed PRAISE-HK, aims to help Hong Kongers make better individual travel […]

Green Queen Guide To Dealing With Hong Kong Air Pollution

4 Mins Read In a city beset by gridlocked traffic, power plants, and factories in Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong’s air pollution contributes a major breathing problem to its seven million plus citizens. Our air quality has become a serious environmental risk. According to the UN Environment Programme, over 90% of people across APAC are […]