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New Lawsuit Seeks To Make Accommodation Of Vegan Students A Human Right In Turkey

4 Mins Read The Vegan Association of Turkey has taken aim at the Turkish Council of Higher Education. The former has launched a lawsuit claiming that the latter has systematically overlooked vegan university students’ right to source nutritious and balanced food easily. Turkey plays host to 205 universities, spread across its 81 cities, with none catering to vegan diets.  […]

Chef José Andrés Sets Up World Central Kitchen Pop-Ups To Feed Refugees Fleeing From Ukraine

3 Mins Read Good Meat board member and plant-forward chef José Andrés has mobilised his non-profit World Central Kitchen (WCK) platform. Setting up on the Ukraine-Poland border, the organisation is primed to make and distribute countless meals to refugees escaping the Russian bombardment.  The Spanish-American chef is notoriously outspoken about human rights issues. WCK was founded on the […]

Food System Change: ‘Who’s Making Decisions, Who’s Benefiting, Who’s Gaining The Wealth?’ Errol Schweizer’s Got Questions -Exclusive Interview

25 Mins Read Errol Schweizer has spent decades in the food industry, over 25 years in fact. He has held down many positions, from grill cook to stock clerk to purchasing manager. A native of New York’s the Bronx who studied biology and got his start in community organizing, Schweizer was thrust to the (inter)national food stage when he […]

ReNature Raises Seed Round To Scale Regenerative Agroforestry Model, Partners With Nestlé & Lush

5 Mins Read Netherlands-based company reNature recently raised US$670k in a Series Seed funding to expand its existing network of farmers and corporations, to venture capitalists, who want to work towards the long-term gains of regenerative agroforestry and is collaborating with Nestle and Lush Cosmetics to create scalable models for regenerative agroforestry in the commodity supply chain. Founded […]

Report: Climate Change Could Displace Over 1 Billion By 2050

3 Mins Read A new report is warning that climate change could displace more than 1 billion people in the next few decades. The analysis says that countries that are unable to withstand environmental threats will be among the world’s least peaceful regions, driving mass migration that has never been seen before.  Researchers from the Institute for Economics […]

Aldi: First Grocery Chain In Australia To Identify Modern Slavery Risks

3 Mins Read Aldi Australia has released its Modern Slavery Statement, making it the first supermarket chain in the country to do so. The report highlighted that the prevalence and risk of modern slavery in the country is higher than previously thought, even in Australia’s local supply chains such as fresh produce.  On Friday (July 31), Aldi Australia […]

FSC & Fair Trade Labels Under Fire: New Report Says Ethical Certifications May Be Hiding Human Rights Abuses

3 Mins Read A new report conducted by human rights organisation MSI Integrity reveals that ethical labelling and certification schemes may be concealing potential human rights abuses and enable governments to continue to ignore these disreputable business practices. Among some of the labels that the report pointed out include Fairtrade International and the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), which […]