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Peace of Meat & Enough Partner To Create Hybrid Mycoprotein Chicken Flavored With Cultivated Fat

4 Mins Read Israel-based MeaTech has confirmed its wholly-owned Belgian subsidiary, Peace of Meat, will be working with Scotland’s Enough, an innovator in the mycoprotein sector that specializes in fungi fermentation using renewable feedstocks. Together, the two have signed a joint development agreement to accelerate MeaTech’s ambitions of launching hybrid meat products made with cell-based fat.  Peace of […]

Is This 3D-Printed Blue Steak The Future Of Meat? One Spanish Startup Thinks So

3 Mins Read Barcelona’s Novameat has released images of a blue steak. Not blue as in cooking preference, actually blue in colour. The bioengineering startup claims that it is the world’s first meat alternative to encapsulate all five kingdom classifications. Using its patented forming technology, the company produced a whole-cut hybrid steak with a blue hue. Novameat has […]

Moolec Science Expands Portfolio With Animal-Free Egg & Dairy Hybrid Proteins

3 Mins Read Moolec Science, the food tech dedicated to developing hybrid plant-based and cell-based alternative proteins, has announced its expansion into the animal-free dairy and egg categories. Using its molecular farming technological platform, the startup hopes to further increase its range, which already includes several alternative meat products, to remove animals from the supply chain in “every […]

California’s New Age Meats Announces US$2M Seed Extension For Hybrid Cultivated & Plant-Based Meat

3 Mins Read California-based New Age Meats (NAM) recently raised US$2 million in a seed extension round to scale the production of the brand’s hybrid cultivated and plant-based meat. Located in Berkley, California, the cell-based startup, New Age Meats (NAM) secured US$2 million in a round that saw participation from Litani Ventures’ Peter Rahal, ff VC, SOSV, and […]

Moolec Science: World’s First Hybrid Plant & Cell-Based Alt Protein Startup Pioneers Molecular Farming

3 Mins Read While there has been increasing talk about “hybrid” alternative proteins that harness both plant-based and cell-based technologies, there hasn’t yet been a startup that is dedicated to this emerging space – until now. Launched just this month, Moolec Science is using molecular farming to pioneer a new hybrid concept between the two pillars of plant-based […]