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Världsklok: IKEA Launches Plant-Based Mince That Can Be Used Like Conventional Ground Beef

3 Mins Read Famous for its build-it-yourself furniture, Ikea U.S. has now launched a plant-based cooking staple for make-at-home meals. ‘Världsklok’, translating to “world wise”, is a pea protein mince that can be used to create meatballs and burgers amongst other dishes.  The move is the latest effort from the Swedish furniture giant to embrace meat-free shoppers. Ikea […]

Next Meats & IKEA Japan Partner To Debut Plant-Based Gyudon Beef Curry

3 Mins Read Tokyo-based food tech Next Meats is collaborating with home furnishing giant IKEA Japan to debut a brand new plant-based dish to customers. The dish, made from IKEA’s plant-based curry and Next Meat’s flagship soy-based beef alternative, will be available in select IKEA stores in the country as part of a Sustainable Food Fair.  Partnering with […]

IKEA Pledge: 50% Of Its Restaurant Dishes Will Be Plant-Based By 2025

4 Mins Read In its latest sustainability push, home furnishing giant IKEA has committed to making at least 50% of dishes served at its restaurant section plant-based by 2025. The Swedish company will also be bolstering the number of plant-based packaged food offerings to 80% within the next five years.  The world’s largest furniture retailer is going green. […]